Sunday, April 20, 2014


Hey guys!
How is everyone? So Im not getting transfered!=) and Sister McConkie get to stay companinons. =) We are both pretty stoked about it because Presidnet Miskin ( he is in the mission presidency and is in our ward) made it sound like that wasnt really going to happen. So We are pretty pumped.Weav you are totally right I am fulling the true purpose of my mission now haha.
this week was great=) Our lesson with C___the guy in his 90's was great as usual and we always just wanna laugh. Then on tuesday We helped some less actives move and I loved it!! haha It was so nice to wear pants again. Oh how i missed them. I went on two exchanges this week. It was fun. ONe of the excahnges I went on was to banning. The whole time I was there I felt like I was in Idaho. It was so weird . ha i wasnt too sure how I felt about it. While I was there it was awesom though. I absolutly love the the Hispanic communities!! The peopel are so nice and so friendly and they talk to you so much. I have also never had so many cat calls in my life I loved that exchange. It has been so hot here this week and we have super bad farmers tans. haha However , like 4 people have told me this with I could pass as a Latin person. Ill take it.
We got another investigator C____ this week. She is amazing!!! and she loves the Book of mormon. The only problem is her family is super against it. However, B__, C___, and Dillon all went to church this week! It was amazing . I loved it! One cool thing happened while I was on exchanges. We were walking and we started talking to M____. Well we told her about the restoration in about 5 min and she just started to cry. and she jsut couldnt stop. She said she knew we were gods messengers the minute she saw us! and that she knew there was a prophet. It was great. They are going back to teach her again=)
Family, I feel myself getting weirder and weirder. It's a problem. I am jsut akward now. haha the other day we had to go to a young single adult thing and I almost died. haha oh well =)
I was blessed this week. A person we met on exchanges  was really positive we are going to hell. I feel comforted knowing that I am now saved.=)
We also met a man who told us all about the alien life here =) It was probably one of most factual contacts I have had .. not =) He also told us the long story about how he bought a couple of wives from the phillipines. I now know where to find the best husband when I get home=) I do have to say I have never been called sweetheart is such demeaning ways as I have this week. I hate the word sweet heart=) So I stuck my foot in my mouth this week. While I was on exchanges with a sister we were walking past this house and all these little chewawas (or howver the heak you spell it) were barking at us.( For some reason every person in cali has like 3 chewawas) Well on my mission I have come to absolutly hate those little dogs.So while they were barking at us I told this sister my true feelings about them. It turns out she has a ton at home.....oops.=)
Mom that makes me so happy about your missionary work!! That is what it is all about =)
It is Easter week....I think I am more excited for this than for christmas. He LIVES!! How greatful I am for the savior and all that he does for me personaly. He died and was ressurected. I know that. We went below any pain I have ever felt so he could lift me up. When I allow him to he carries me. I really felt that this week. he just keeps my feet moving a little longer, he helps to talk to just one more stranger, her filly my mouth with what to say, he helps me try just one more time when everything in me is so ready to be done. He helps me push pass all my limits just becasue he loves me and sees who I really can become!!! Please celebrate  his life this week The amaizng palmers invited us to study about the passoever and easter last night I loved it  and their adorable kids are so cute and love the savior  !! KYlee and Colton I am so proud of you for both choosing not to go to those dances before you were 16. Thank you so much!!!! that made me one happy big sister.
One thing I have really learned on my mission is how important humor and laughter are. Especailly when I go on exchanges. There are so many sisters who hare having such a hard time and they just need to laugh:) It helps so much. missionary work is hard. life is hard. but if you can laugh you can find hope and joy in the little thingns.
be greatful=)
I love you all !!!

"put another shrimp on the bobby" - Dumb and dumber‏

Hey Family and Friends.
I Love hearing from all of you every week! You are all so great. Mom Im glad all of you survived camping all week=) It looked like a lot of fun. I cant belive how much everyone is growing. Chun has some pretty sweet  hair now!!
Well we started off with another pretty rough week. It seems like Heavenly Father lets us really struggle the whole week and then blesses us on weekends. It's awesome =) We had another really funny lesson with the 90 year old we are teaching. He is so great. I love him=) Sadly I have to say that we are no longer teaching our Mountain man. He told us that the lord told him that, "Man should not be taught by women." We were both a little bummed but its ok. He will be taught by some elders =). We got rained on this week=) Sister Palmer came and rescued us. Well we also went up and worked in Oak Glen that night and it snowed up there. It was so weird to be around snow. It was kinda creepy. There was a ton of fog everywhere and we had to go down these dirt roads to these houses taht are like hidden back in the trees. We felt like we were fresh out of a horror movie. and for some reason California has a ton of dang crows.
This week was MLC. President taught us so much about the Gathering of Iseral. Its so crazy. The Book Of Mormon is so amazing and it just keeps getting deeper and deeper. Please make sure that you are taking time to read it. It will change your life! So one of the investigators we picked up this week is already progressing so much. He watched 3 sessions of Confernce. He is just burning through the Book Of Mormon and jsut keeps studying. Please pray for B___. Its so crazy how much the lord lets you love these people.!
Speaking on Confernce... Wasn't it great!!!! Elder Holland threw it down once again. Elder Holland remined me of my Mission President. You love his talks and they are amazing but you are also a little afraid of them=). I loved So many talks. I really loved Elder Bednars talk. To me it just seemed like they were telling us to gain our own unshakable testimony of Christ. I am so thankful for conference. I felt the same way about President Packers talk mom. I love him.
This week I am just so thakful that I get to be a missionary. I love it. I love Christ the great I AM. I feel as though he has been showing me my many weaknesses to help me make them strong "ether 12". I am so blessed.
Sister McConkie is amazing! I love her!! I have honestly never met a girl who is so much like me in almost every way. Its weird. We are best friends.
Mom the Tide saved my life !!! im so happy not to smell like flinstone vitamins=) YOu are the best!1
Happy b day bro! I hope you get my card soon!=)
Mckayla! haha yes tell boone to write me!! He is so funny!
We ate with the NNah this weeks. They are from Africa and they fed us some afriacn food. It had Cow intestine, dried fish, goat meat and bone marrow. and you hand to eat it with your hands. It was not good=) haha and Sister McConkie roped herself into "halfin ta" eat seconds=) they are an amazing family and I love them! I Love you all!
                                                                                                     -Sister Webb

The lords work!‏

Hey Family and Friends,
What a week! I loved all the pics of camping=) I hope that you guys are haveing so much fun! I always loved the simpson springs trip =) I feel bad for kylee brooke. I hope she gets feeling better soon, and ben =) you are the best brother in the whole in world!! I am so excited . You guys are my fav=) I'm sorry i  ever slammed your head in the mini van when we were little=) I didtn feel the earthquake! geez are there like a million happening latley?
So this week. Was Interesting but amazing! Monday night it was great We went and taugh C___ He is a 91 year old man who was just baptized. He was soo funny=) We taught his with his 88 year old sister. When we opned the door he was trying to read our name tags to say our names and he called Sister McConkie "Sister Christ" and he really thought that was her name. =) He is from New York so he as an awesome accent. The whole night was filled with me and Sister McConkie Yelling to be heard and trying not laugh. They got side tracked very easily and would forget what they were going to say a lot. It was bad during the closing prayer sister McConkie just lost it and started laughing and the whole situation and we have this problem where when one of us starts laughing the other one does way hard and we cant stop. I have to pretened I was coughing. Luckily they are so elderly they had no idea what was gong on. =)
Then the rest of the week happend... EVERYTHING cancelled. every appointment fell through even member ones. all back ups fell through and we were wondering if something happend in the church with the media becasue the persecution was worse this week. We were exhausted both physically and mentaly. We were also being super hard on ourselves and critical of everything we were doing. However, it was such a blessing that it was a hard week. We studies more fervently. Our Companinonship studies increaced so much. We started studing more together at lunch and were always talking about the blessings of the lord. We worked harder and we tried more. and let me tell you we were happier than ever. We felt true joy despite the things that were going on around us. Our testimonies deepend so much. we served each other more. Then came Saturday. That morning we had the most spirtual comp study I have ever had and we felt that God loved us so much. Then we went to work. To start the day off right. We went to D___ and S___s. we hadn't been able to get ahold of them since they didnt show up to church on Sunday. Well they were home and saw us knock and ring the door bell and didnt answer. So we texted them and told them we would always be here for them and that we knew this would bless their family and all that jazz. Well they text us back jokeinly and said its ok sistas we know Jesus loves us. It was rough and it broke our hearts. However, we determined we werent going to let it get us down. So we said and fervent prayer and kept working. We had a lot of interesting conversations that day. We talkled to a lot of people and and a lot of rejection. There were also so very mean people that day who we allowed to frustrate us. people who wanted to bash. and started saying very bad things about sacred temple ordinances and other stuff. By the time it was time for the General Women Broadcast we were emtionaly beat. We rode to the Womens broadcast with Sister Palmer. That was much needed she always makes us feel better! The Broadcast was so great! It wsa so weird to see Salt lake sometimes I feel like my past life and Utah never really exisited. Well during the broadcast we got a text from a member in our ward that we needed to get to his house as fast as possibel he had someone for us to teach. So at 8:45 We went and taught D____. D_____ has been reading the Book of Mormon and before we even taught he asked when he could get baptized. We were both in shock!! So we taught him and booked it home to be home on time. He came to church yesterday and is on date for baptizem for April 20th. The lord answeres in the 4th watch. Its when you show him that you will work on and keep trusting him even when you dont think you can. Its when you are ready to quit that he answers. He gave us sucsess but it wasnt anything we did!!!!! It was all him. We just had to show him he could bless us. It was amazing! We have been sooo happy and filled with joy this week. That night we did a lot of repenting for our frustration and we were so happy.
Oh yea On exchanges I had to go with a spanish sister in her area this week. I am now a fluent Spanish speaker=) I wish I did learn a little though and I could kinda understand what was going on. It was like I entered a whole differnt world. I love the spanish culture! The people we talked to on the streets actually invited us in and were so so nice even if they didnt want to hear our message! They are so humble and kind . I loved it. However, in order to keep my mind from wondering in lessons because I was so lost had to recite the same scriptures over and over in my head. I even ate amazing mexican food that night!
Speaking of food. We are eating with N___ Family this week. They are from africa and they said they are feeding us a very exotic meal and then they just laugh. This should be interesting=)
Sister McConkie and I are better than ever! She is my best frined. We are so much alike it's crazy! My stomach hurts every day from laughing so hard. We are terrifed though. So President Miskin who is in our mission Presidency, is in our ward and yesterday he told us that He has been begging President to keep us togther and in this ward for a little bit and President said thats not gonna happen he needs us other places. We are so scared! Transfers are next week. How did that happen??I am so thankful for her and all the fun we have.
This week I have though a lot about grattitude. or However, the heck you spell it. I swear I am just getting dumber and dumber on my mission. Well anyways I read a talk on it and it said, "to have gratitude always in your hearts is to touch heaven." That hit me so much. I have really been working on having more thankful prayers. It has changed my whole perspective. I am so thankful for all of you ! thanks for being in my life an dthe wasy you have incluenced me! I'm excitedfor another week of work!!
stay cool,
Sister Webb

Im happy =)

Hey family and friends!!
It was another great week!!! Im so glad to hear from everyone and thanks agian for all the Birthday wishes.
Man where did this week go? We have been so blessed in this area and there is a lot to do . Some days it is overwhelming because We dont know where to start.
Yes mom my Birthday was great jsut worked and it was awsome=) The best thing about it was D___ and S____. We were teaching them that day and they showed up with ballones and a cheese cake. I have never loved people so much. Little background story he is an x um i guess you could say gangsta and he is just so funny. They are my favorite couple in the world and their little kids are amazing! They have been doing so great and they said they would come to church but then they never showed and we cant get ahold of them... please pray for them.
So thursday was so interesting. We started teaching a straight up mountin man. We had to drive up to Oak Glen which is in the mountains of our area.We were going up to the Rileyes( who are members) and  We were going to teach T_ B____ their friend. Well they told us that they lived on a farm called the Riley Farm. I just pictured a regular farm but I was so wrong. When we drove up to their house we were so confused. All of the sudden we were surrouned by big plantaion houses and tons and tons of peple dressed up in colonial times clothes. There were civil war reenacments or however the heak you spell it. they had like old school cold mineing just all kinds of stuff! Mom and Clair would have loved it. we were soooo confused here were two mormon missionaries trying to hunt down our members. We asked some colinal young men where were were and they kindly "escorted" us to the Rileyes main house. They even talked like old times it was crazy. Well the story doesnt end there. When we got there Sister Riley told us that we had to drive up to T__s. We went off roading in this little truck way up into the mountains behind their house to teach T__ and Brother Riley was meeting us there. We finally got to T__s and he is a real Mountain man!! He lives outside and cooks in a camp fire. It was so interesting! He is an awsome guy and Im so excited to teach him he really wants to know if the church is true. He has the longest beard ever. Well half way through the lesson Brother Riley had to leave. So when we were finished we went around t he corner and Brother Riley had taken the truck and all we had to get down the mountain was a 4-wheeler and we had no cell service so sister Riley hauled us down the mountain on the four wheeler. I was freaking out the whole way down!! I just knew I was going to get in a ton of trouble and that i was being the most disobedient missionary ever and half way loving being on 4 wheeler again. Dont worry I already confessed to president.=) It was just a real interesting day.
We also were inveted to a 14 year old boys B day paty. Well Non of their family and friends are LDS and our ward has been working with this family for a while. Well there were a ton of people there and litlte boys and lots of beers and yea. Well they wanted us to do a spirtual thought for their family befoer we left so we were just going to go with the family in teh living room but then EVERYONE came and we had to stand up nad alll these 14 year old boys were so confused. It was jsut the most akward situation I have ever been in. I got so nervous I started to stutter when I was talking. It was rough haha Sister McConkie and I jsut laughed all week about how that is the most akward thing we have ever done. gotta love it =)
Another thing that happned this week is that When we were buying Laundry Dertergent last week I forced us to buy the cheap stuff. Well all our clothes now smell like Flin stone vittamins this week. It smells horrible, never get the cheapest laundry detergent.
This week I have been called to repentance a ton. I am so aware of how inadequate I am. repentance is awesome!!!! please use it . It is vital to our return home to our Heavenly Father. My testimony of Joseph smith has grown so much deeper. I am so blessed that I get to be on a mission. and I cant wait for conference.!
I love love love sister McConkie. When all my friends were joking about me going on a mish to find brides maids they werent kidding. She is the best we just laugh all the time and I love how we can make fun of ourselves.she is awesome!
Well I love you famil!!
Sister Kenzie lynn WEbb

22oooohohh "taylor swift"=)‏

Hey Fam and friends!
Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes=) I will officaly be and old maid waahooo=) No mom and grams I didnt feel the earth quake this morning. I sleep through anything=) and Yes mom I know the Ellsworth Family!! I love them so much!! They were one of my favs=) I am so glad that everyone is doing so great! mom those stories about aniston made me laugh so hard. I am so glad everyone is having a good week.
Ok so my week was Amazing! We had a couple really low momentes but when you show the lord that you wont give up and you will walk with faith and keep working he blesses you!! So we know a little bit more about what is happening in our area this week.
So tuesday was just a blur. we walked a ton talked to a lot of people had a couple really akward experiences and yea.
So sister McConkie and I have been trying to be exactly obedient and to fully give ourselves and our hearts to the lord and have so much more faith! Well on wednesday in our prayer we told heavelnly father where we were going what time and asked to find someone. WEell we found 2 of the mmost amazing people I have ever met. D____ and S____ =) We taught them twice this week. I have never instantly loved people so much! they are married and have two kids. Please please pray for them. and through them we also met rob and are teaching him. It was such a great day.
On Thursday we had a super bold lesson with the coopers who have been investigating for years. It was awesome though. We jsut straight up told them it was time to ask god and they couldnt tell god what they were going to do he would tell them. It all started with an awesome "how to begin teaching" It really is so important. There were a lot of long silences in the lesson. Howver, they said they had never thought about some of the things they talked about and they came to church on sunday. Please Pray for them.
Friday I went on my first Exchange with my new assignment. It was interesting. Haha I felt a little like a therapist but it was awsome=)
Saturday was so great!!! Elder Neil A Anderson had a mission conference with us=) I got to shake his hand and he peered into my soul. I never knew he was so funny. The whole talk was on teh atonment. I cant explain it. I feel like If i were to explain the atonmnet I would describe it the way I always have. Howver, I feel like my spirt understands it so much differntly than ever before. When we closed with his testimony he flat out said he is a witness of Jesus Christ. It was so powerful. I will never forget it!
I have really been trying to focus on seeing people through eternal eyes. Its funny how someithing so simple has changes my whole mission. there is so much more to people.
I LOVE Sister McConkie. We have so much fun together. I feel like I am always laughing. We were laughing so hard this week that i bout threw up right before a lesson becasue something really funny happend. Its funny becasue Her first day here I made her throw up that morning when we went running and i felt like the worst trainer ever!!! we just have fun!!
Well just know that I am happy and that I know that this is the lords work!!please pray for them! I miss you all so much!!!
happy st p day!
love ya!
sister webb

Monday, March 10, 2014

what a week!!‏

Hello Family and Friends!!=)
Once again I absolutely loved hearing from all of you! It really is just what I need every Monday to get me going again=)
Well this week has been the craziest week of my entire mission. This week we had Transfers on Wednesday. So Monday and Tuesday were spent working and trying to get the area all ready for the new Elders coming to the area. Then Wednesday came. Sister Munoz and I drove to the mission office and I dropped her off with her new companion while I waited with another sister for the new Sister missionaries to come in. I was so nervous I couldn't eat anything. Well then we all went into the meeting and I met my new companion Sister McConkie!! I absolulty love her!! And yes she is related to the one and only Bruce R. McConkie. He was her great uncle. She is from Salt Lake City and she is 19. Now this is where it gets cool. So I cant remember if I told you guys this story a couple months ago but he goes. So one day when I was serving in Redlands Sister Straatman and I had to run up to the temple for some reason. Well when we got there. I (of course) forgot something in the car.  So we had to run back and get it. Then when we were entering the temple grounds there as a family that passed us . Well it was Sister McConkie and her family. She told us that she was coming in a couple months and that her and her family were on vacation in California and thought they would stop by and see where she was serving. We talked for about 5 min and then she left. It was weird though because when she left I thought about her a lot and I prayed for her that night. Well She had been stalking the mission blog for a few months and when ever she saw my picture she just had a feeling that we would be companions and she wanted me to train her and then we met at the temple. Well when we both walked into the training meeting we saw each other and just both knew and we were right. It's crazy how the lord works.
Well to make that day even more crazy. I was informed that I was a Sister Training Leader. Sister Training Leaders are like Zone leaders for Sister Missionaries. There are about 8 of us in the mission. I wanted to throw up as soon as I found out I have no idea what in the world I am even doing yet and one of my jobs is to go on exchanges with sisters every week to help them in their areas.I have no idea what I am doing and I sure hope President prayed about it. To make it a little more stressfull They were supposed to tell me last transfer so that I could arrange a place for my companion to go while I went to MLC the next day but they forgot to tell me=) Dont worry we worked it out and on Thursday I made it to MLC (mission leadership conference).
That brings me to my next big event.....IM DRIVING!!!=) President gave me the green light=) Any way on Thursday I picked up the other Sister Training leader to take her to MLC and I got us soooo lost. Somehow we ended up in the Redlands airport but dont worry we still made it to mlc with 10 minutes to spare.  I feel like im a whole new woman driving=) just kidding but really.
So White washing an area has been interesting. I have no idea what I am doing and what Is going on in the area I am serving in. The ward mission Leader has only been in the area for about 3 months as well so we are all just trying to figure it out together.=) This bishop has been so helpful though. I love the ward. I am in the Palmers ward! the people I live with and I love it. I have never walked so much my entire life. Even though we have a car I'm not to big on using it. We have talked to sooooo many people this week. Its funny because pretty much everyone we talk to that really wants to hear what we have to say we end up "halfin ta" refer to the Spanish missonaries. Oh how I wish i spoke Spanish.
One thing I love about Sister McConkie is how alike we are. We have a lot of fun together. It's funny. I have never been so stressed out on my mission and been rejected so much but I'm still so happy. I love how she is game for whatever. The other day there was a guy down in a field digging a huge trench. Well I wanted to go talk to him and she was all game. So here were two sister missionaries in skirtks climbing through a fence "offroading" in the dirt and mudd to talk to him. He looked at us like we were crazy. He wasnt interested but we had fun. I love her testimony as well. I look up to her so much and I will learn so much from her.
this week obedience has stuck out to me so much. I want to be the kind of missionary that if Christ were to come right now he would take me home with him. I know that I am no where even close to being that way. I need so much more faith!!! But I want to strive for that. Please read the Book Of Mormon!!! it will increase your faith so much! we dont realize what we have! we really dont. I just want you all to know that I know that Christ lives!!!! I know it with all my heart!  Its funny how happy I am . I am so happy. Its crazy how my heart has changed. The things that were once there seem to be fading and just filling with a love for these people and my savior and that's all I want!
On Saturday We are having a mission Conference and Elder Neil A. Anderson is speaking to us!! I am so excited I cant wait!! I cant think of a better Birthday Present! Man where has the past 5 months gone? It has been 7 months since I saw Ben and Mckayla!
I loved Chuns letter. Man it sounds real serious snap backs vans and everything=) I say go for it!! I have always love it!!!!!!!!!=) I love you all so much thanks for all your support!!!!
siter Webb!!!!!


Hello everyone!
wow it sounds like everyone has had such a great week! I really love hearing from you all! wow I feel like so much has happened since the last time I spoke to all of you! well for starters I am getting transferred sorta. I will still live where I live but I will be serving in a different area in the mountains. Also I am whitewash training which means I am training and we will be going into an area that hasn't had missionaries. Haha this poor sister please pray for her!! I am so nervous to train! I have no idea what I am doing. I have to admit I am a little surprised I thought for sure I was staying in my area. Sister Munoz is also leaving that area. It's crazy things just started to really get going and then we leave!! we really saw miracles happen together! we went from an a dead to area and to having two baptisms and a lot more investigators and the ward is so excited about missionary work. I am a little sad to leave but I trust the lord!! haha i keep thinking about my future comp leaving the mtc tomorrow=) please pray for her=) we are gonna need it! we will also be driving in a truck this transfer. I need to buy a gps!!
I am so stoked that Ben and Mckayla are going to Az! and they are having another little girl=) man that is so dang weird!! Mckayla I want pregnacny pics=) the pictures of Aniston are adorable and they melt my heart just like always. I am glad Clair is getting some time off!!! and dad and chris are going to seattle that should be so fun! that is crazy that Nicole and remmie are already going back !
This week was so great!! our area was so blessed! Man I love the people here so much its unreal, they really have become like family to me. On monday we met a lady who has a pig farm... she showed us all of them and the ones she has as house pets.. then we met the biggest dang pig i have ever seen in my entire life!!! it weighs 650 lbs... what a ham=) this week I have been really looking at familes... thats why I am out here. the moms fighting with their kids to be quiet, dads playing ball with their kids, thats what life is all about the small simple moments and family=) we had a lot of successes in less active work. so many of them opened up to us and we were able to finally hear what their real concerns were and had a lot of powerful lessons lead by the spirit. we had exchanges this week and I loved the sister I was with and we were able to teach a couple of amazing lessons! It's the coolest thing to see when the spirit really starts working with someone and when they start to repent and use the atonement. there is such a different light in their eyes.
The thing that brought me the most joy this week was the members. their whole mind set towards missionaries and the missionary work has changed so much in the past 6 weeks. When I first got here our ward didn't really trust missionaries and missionary work wasn't a huge priority. that is completely different!! we have people telling us that they have people for us to teach this week! ( too bad we wont be here) the bishop is on fire, he placed 3 books of mormon last week and the ward has started to as well! the whole fast and testimony meeting was on missionary work. D_____gets baptized  saturday!!! I am so excited11 the ward is so excited too=) they havnt had a baptism in a long time so they are all so excited about it. the ward is changing and the missionaries in that ward better be ready=) haha the bishop and ward mission leader are  not happy that we are getting transferred.
so it rained..... a ton!!!!!! holy cow I have never been so wet but i absolutely loved it. I thought about Chris's saying "life isnt about waiting for the storm to pass its about learning to dance in the rain." well we danced =) I couldn't stop smiling and laughing all day because we were so wet and looked so pathetic but you better believe we sure had fun=) I love sister Munoz so much. I sure will miss  her!
so we had an awesome experience this week. a brother in our ward in a seminary teacher and he loves us. He texted us one day and said that while he was preparing for his lesson for hte next day he received very specific revelation and that we needed to come to class the next morning. so we went and he teaches High school Jr's and Sr's. well when we got there he had everyones names written across the chalk board and everyone had to write a list of every non member person they knew. the kids wrote down so many names. well then he read the talk "a voice of warning"  and talked about how they needed to share the gospel with these people they knew. then one kid raised his had and asked if we could all kneel in prayer and ask heavenly father for revelation on who they needed to share the gosple with. so there we were at 6:30 in the morning Kneeling with a bunch of high school students seeking revelation on who to share the gospel with. and they received revelation!!! it was so awesome! we have been hearing about how they have placed books of mormons and have been sharing the gosple like crazy since then=) the youth are amazing!!! and this marvelous work is hastening!
I am still so hung up on the pre earth life this week. I keep thinking about who we were and what faith we had. this week however I thought about a different part. We were still in Heaven when our brother Jesus Christ endured the atonement.... I wonder what we were doing during that moment. I wonder if we were all praying to give him the strength to do it. I'm sure heaven was full of weeping that day and a somber quietness as we watched as he endured undescribable pain for us.....I wonder what our father said to us.... It has just been on my mind a lot. we were so full of faith! Our spirits are still faithfull to him that calls us but are we listening to him with faith? I am so thankful for him and who all of you were before we came here.
the work we were saved to do is happening!!! are we on board? I am so happy to be a missionary. thanks for all the support=) I love you all.
p.s. I miss doozer =)
love you all know that I am very happy but so nervous to train, please help =)
sister webb