Sunday, April 20, 2014

"put another shrimp on the bobby" - Dumb and dumber‏

Hey Family and Friends.
I Love hearing from all of you every week! You are all so great. Mom Im glad all of you survived camping all week=) It looked like a lot of fun. I cant belive how much everyone is growing. Chun has some pretty sweet  hair now!!
Well we started off with another pretty rough week. It seems like Heavenly Father lets us really struggle the whole week and then blesses us on weekends. It's awesome =) We had another really funny lesson with the 90 year old we are teaching. He is so great. I love him=) Sadly I have to say that we are no longer teaching our Mountain man. He told us that the lord told him that, "Man should not be taught by women." We were both a little bummed but its ok. He will be taught by some elders =). We got rained on this week=) Sister Palmer came and rescued us. Well we also went up and worked in Oak Glen that night and it snowed up there. It was so weird to be around snow. It was kinda creepy. There was a ton of fog everywhere and we had to go down these dirt roads to these houses taht are like hidden back in the trees. We felt like we were fresh out of a horror movie. and for some reason California has a ton of dang crows.
This week was MLC. President taught us so much about the Gathering of Iseral. Its so crazy. The Book Of Mormon is so amazing and it just keeps getting deeper and deeper. Please make sure that you are taking time to read it. It will change your life! So one of the investigators we picked up this week is already progressing so much. He watched 3 sessions of Confernce. He is just burning through the Book Of Mormon and jsut keeps studying. Please pray for B___. Its so crazy how much the lord lets you love these people.!
Speaking on Confernce... Wasn't it great!!!! Elder Holland threw it down once again. Elder Holland remined me of my Mission President. You love his talks and they are amazing but you are also a little afraid of them=). I loved So many talks. I really loved Elder Bednars talk. To me it just seemed like they were telling us to gain our own unshakable testimony of Christ. I am so thankful for conference. I felt the same way about President Packers talk mom. I love him.
This week I am just so thakful that I get to be a missionary. I love it. I love Christ the great I AM. I feel as though he has been showing me my many weaknesses to help me make them strong "ether 12". I am so blessed.
Sister McConkie is amazing! I love her!! I have honestly never met a girl who is so much like me in almost every way. Its weird. We are best friends.
Mom the Tide saved my life !!! im so happy not to smell like flinstone vitamins=) YOu are the best!1
Happy b day bro! I hope you get my card soon!=)
Mckayla! haha yes tell boone to write me!! He is so funny!
We ate with the NNah this weeks. They are from Africa and they fed us some afriacn food. It had Cow intestine, dried fish, goat meat and bone marrow. and you hand to eat it with your hands. It was not good=) haha and Sister McConkie roped herself into "halfin ta" eat seconds=) they are an amazing family and I love them! I Love you all!
                                                                                                     -Sister Webb

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