Sunday, April 20, 2014


Hey guys!
How is everyone? So Im not getting transfered!=) and Sister McConkie get to stay companinons. =) We are both pretty stoked about it because Presidnet Miskin ( he is in the mission presidency and is in our ward) made it sound like that wasnt really going to happen. So We are pretty pumped.Weav you are totally right I am fulling the true purpose of my mission now haha.
this week was great=) Our lesson with C___the guy in his 90's was great as usual and we always just wanna laugh. Then on tuesday We helped some less actives move and I loved it!! haha It was so nice to wear pants again. Oh how i missed them. I went on two exchanges this week. It was fun. ONe of the excahnges I went on was to banning. The whole time I was there I felt like I was in Idaho. It was so weird . ha i wasnt too sure how I felt about it. While I was there it was awesom though. I absolutly love the the Hispanic communities!! The peopel are so nice and so friendly and they talk to you so much. I have also never had so many cat calls in my life I loved that exchange. It has been so hot here this week and we have super bad farmers tans. haha However , like 4 people have told me this with I could pass as a Latin person. Ill take it.
We got another investigator C____ this week. She is amazing!!! and she loves the Book of mormon. The only problem is her family is super against it. However, B__, C___, and Dillon all went to church this week! It was amazing . I loved it! One cool thing happened while I was on exchanges. We were walking and we started talking to M____. Well we told her about the restoration in about 5 min and she just started to cry. and she jsut couldnt stop. She said she knew we were gods messengers the minute she saw us! and that she knew there was a prophet. It was great. They are going back to teach her again=)
Family, I feel myself getting weirder and weirder. It's a problem. I am jsut akward now. haha the other day we had to go to a young single adult thing and I almost died. haha oh well =)
I was blessed this week. A person we met on exchanges  was really positive we are going to hell. I feel comforted knowing that I am now saved.=)
We also met a man who told us all about the alien life here =) It was probably one of most factual contacts I have had .. not =) He also told us the long story about how he bought a couple of wives from the phillipines. I now know where to find the best husband when I get home=) I do have to say I have never been called sweetheart is such demeaning ways as I have this week. I hate the word sweet heart=) So I stuck my foot in my mouth this week. While I was on exchanges with a sister we were walking past this house and all these little chewawas (or howver the heak you spell it) were barking at us.( For some reason every person in cali has like 3 chewawas) Well on my mission I have come to absolutly hate those little dogs.So while they were barking at us I told this sister my true feelings about them. It turns out she has a ton at home.....oops.=)
Mom that makes me so happy about your missionary work!! That is what it is all about =)
It is Easter week....I think I am more excited for this than for christmas. He LIVES!! How greatful I am for the savior and all that he does for me personaly. He died and was ressurected. I know that. We went below any pain I have ever felt so he could lift me up. When I allow him to he carries me. I really felt that this week. he just keeps my feet moving a little longer, he helps to talk to just one more stranger, her filly my mouth with what to say, he helps me try just one more time when everything in me is so ready to be done. He helps me push pass all my limits just becasue he loves me and sees who I really can become!!! Please celebrate  his life this week The amaizng palmers invited us to study about the passoever and easter last night I loved it  and their adorable kids are so cute and love the savior  !! KYlee and Colton I am so proud of you for both choosing not to go to those dances before you were 16. Thank you so much!!!! that made me one happy big sister.
One thing I have really learned on my mission is how important humor and laughter are. Especailly when I go on exchanges. There are so many sisters who hare having such a hard time and they just need to laugh:) It helps so much. missionary work is hard. life is hard. but if you can laugh you can find hope and joy in the little thingns.
be greatful=)
I love you all !!!

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