Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy V day‏

Hello everyone!
Sorry I sent the other one early again! It was good to hear from everyone. Im glad that Clair is taking a break! I hope that dad and chris are doing great!  and I am stoked ben got accepted to med school in Arizona! I have to say that is my vote but wherever you decide i will support ya... i guess=)
This week Heavenly Father showed me that this really is his work. We got a new investiagator!=) There have been a couple of frustration prayers that I had to repent of this week=) I am so blessed to be a missionary! I love it! it is so great!
Apparently there is huge cat flu epidemic that has broken our here in Yucaipa.. and it is really putting a damper on the spirits of the people we talk to. I have never said so many prayers for so many dang cats in my entire life!!! So I dont know if you know this, but Yucaipa is known for having a lot of trailor parks there really isnt a lot of room in some of them. I had such a great moment We were in a ladies tralior who is pretty poor and we were teaching her. As i sat there on the milk crate ( there was only two chairs, 1 for her and 1 for my comp) I was so happy! I get to go places with the savior everyday that I would never get to other wise. Yesterday was a busy day at church! we taught Sunday school, primary, and some of Young Womans.
This week I really thought about how humble our Heavenly Father is. "By covenant the great God of heaven permits himself to be bound to each of us individually" Edler D. Todd Christofferson. I need to become so much more humble. He wants to bless us and he will bless us if we are obediant to him. He gave us his word. I just want to be such a better disciple of Jesus Christ. We have something so special! we need to be the light. When I finish my mission I really want to be able to say I left it all out in the feild. I have never ever been so mentaly exhuasted in my life as the past few weeks but I am so thankful that my Heavenly Father is there to streagthen me every step of the way =)
This week is Valentines=) I will be treating myself to a smores cup cake on friday=) i hope you all do something as rewarding as that! I remember the days when I would specificaly choose the "be mine" Valentine to put into Dalton Dances valentine box .. and how heart broken I was when he gave Cheyenne Erickson the be mine valentine=) Now I am just worried about what to do for my investigators to help them feel the love of Heavenly Father=) Dad, Clair,And Ben be nice to your amazing wives=) And dont buy them and heater.....=)
 I Love you all so much!!
sister webb!
p.s. mom she is from Evanston=)

temple week =)‏

Hello Family and friends =)
It's been forever!! jk but really. haha I knew mom would be freaking out when I didnt email on Monday and I wasn't surprised that you called the mission office=) (NOTE: Thanks Kenz for letting everyone know!) I am so glad to hear that everyone is doing so great! That is awsome that ben got accepted!! I just hope we hear the same news about Arizona=) I find it really funny that both dad and Clair included details about their trucks in their e mails.. men=) It souinds like life is so crazy! You people need to slow down its Valentines month love is in the air take a second and enjoy it =) Thank you so much mom and kylee for the package=) I will never need another wonder tee again in my life. it made me laugh=) and brookie boo the pics were so great!1=)
Wow soo much has happened since I last e mailed. actually not really. The work here is so slow. I'm not sure what to do about it. actualy I do but its been really hard but thats the way it is supposed to be. =) ON the bright side we have gotten 3 golden investigators for missionaries in other areas!! They are all so awesome.=) Poor sister Munoz I think I have about killed her with all the walking but she is a trooper and is so great! Its really hard to come into an area that has had very disobeidant missionaries but I know that hard work and love will change things. I have never been so prayful in my entire life. There have been a lot of potentails and formers in our area book that havent been contacted for years so we are hunting them down. I set up a meeting with all of the missionaries in the area and the bishop for tomorrow so that we can work with him to help the area. We need it despratly. We need the members !!! =) I know that the only way this area is going to have sucsess is through mighty prayer, mighty faith, and perfect obedience. It is only then that we can qualify for blessings. we can do absolutly nothing for this area but the lord can. It is only through the savior He is everything!
I have absolulty never met so many cats before in my life. I have to say that these arent just regular cats either, they are soooo fat! they make Garfeild look like nothing. Everytime I see our Stake Presidents cat I just laugh really hard. Speaking of our Stake President, He knows Shae. He has a House in France and tehy go like 4 times a year. They fed us a frech meal the other night and it was great!! I have also come to HATE little dogs. everytime we knock a door the first thing you hear is that high pitched barking and then they crawl all over you and lick your face off. I love the people here in yucipa though. Yucipa is the kind of plcae where people ride elctric scooters everywhere and have their dogs running behind to give them exercise. Funny story. We started talking to this lady in her yard the other day and she said sshe was was having a hard time with her family. She wasn't interested in hearing our message but said we could pray with her. Well we were praying and then the sprinklers turned on! we all scattered and in the processes i may or may not have ripped my skirt. I have also never been hit on my so many older men in my entire life! some times it gets really weird but for the most part its just winks and funny remarks. This week we did have someone at church though!! However, it was fast ans testimony meeting.. haha one man started talking about the temple in a little more detail than he should have. HaHa I love sundays=)
We have been doing a lot of less active work this week. I met my favorite lady in the world. She is a less active who is tatted up from head to toe and peirced everywhere, she has the mouth of a sailor. Howver, she has such a strong testimony of the gospel. I love how Heavelnly Father loves all his children so much and is not a respector of persons! I have been praying my guts out to be filled with more charity and I think I learned more about charity from her than anyone=)
Saturday was E______'s Baptisem!! It was so great! I had mixed feelings because I didnt want to go back to Redlands and see everyone again. However, Right when Sister Feldmen pulled up to pick me up that all changed=) she is so great she bought me 3 of my favorite scones and made me laugh the whole way back to Redlands. When I got to E_____s Baptism I wasnt even out of the car when Sister Straatman attacked me. It was weird becasue she was crying and she isnt a cryer. HaHa but it was so great to see her again! Then the best part was seeing E____ and K____. They looked so beautiful in all white! She was so happy. I have was so happy for her it was teh best thing ever!!!!!! and the ward! It was so great to see the ward. haha They all acted like I had died or something I love them so much. It was a little hard to come back to Yucaipa, but I have already started to love the people here so much too! I was able to show Sister Feldman Some pictures of my family and friends and she fell in love with weav=) haha it was pretty funny.
I love the P______s we live with. They are so cute. So sister P_____r is a health nut and i love her. She has helped me so much . haha she makes me all this healthy food to last me the week. I love them they are so full of of charity. Their little girl always leaves notes for us.
I love being a missionary I really do. Yes, there are hard times! I dont think i ever realized how hard a mission would be, but its so amazing at the same time. I am dedicated to the work and we will see miricles here in Yuciapa. Ihave learned so much about our savior and how he helps us grow. I am nothing without him. He will test our faith but then he gives us miricels. People always say he wont give us more than we can handle. Of course he gives us more than we can handle. That is why he gave us teh savior to help us through and to reley on. I have had to repent so much this week and I am so thankful that he is ALWAYS there with open arms. I love Elder Hollands qoute. " A Journey of a Thousand miles begins with one step... watch your step." I know that Heavely Father has a plan for me here in this area. I am relying fully on him and I am so thankful for him. 
I love sister Munoz, I am learning a lot from her and look forward to continuing to learn from her.
My goal for this week is to get into a less active members house that has a dang huge fence around it and it is missionary proof. Just wait I will get in I am determiend. We went to the temple today!! it was so great!! It felt like......home=)
well I love and miss you all !
sister webb

ill go where you want me to go dear lord‏

Hey family and friends!
I hope that everyone had a great week! You all sound so busy! I loved that picture of Aniston on the potty=) I want to hear how Bens Medical School interveiw went. I am sure he did great! However, I secretly hope he didnt do too great because I want him to go to med school in Az not Iowa! I am stoked that awsome things are happening for him though! and he has placed two books of Mormon. Way to go bro=) I sure hope Clair doesnt die! I sure worry about him! That is so great that chun scored 4 goals that basketball game. I mean points. =) Oh dad, I am worried about his foot. I bet he looked pretty graceful out there on that ice though.=) Ok how did I not know that Ben was an AP on his mission?
So this week has been insane. I feel like it has lasted a year. So last monday and tuesday I was still in Redlands. I was able to say goodbye to people, and teach E_____ for the last time. I am so happy that I get to go back for her baptism on Saturday. It was hard to say bye I am not going to lie however, I know that the lord needed me to leave. =) I love everyone there so much and Redlands was amazing. The worst part was saying bye to sister Straatman. haha and apparently the ward was not very happy that we were getting separated. She will forever be one of my best friends. We are so close and I am so glad I was able to be her companion.
Then came Wednesday. Transfers=) I met another sister at the mission office who was going to the same area I was going and we were going to ride out there together. I was secretly hoping I would be able to drive. However unfortunaly I am red dotted... which means I may have gotten one too many tickets in my life before I came on my mission, so driving is off limits to me, for a little while anyways=) Well we got lost... and we had no phone.... so it was an adventure but eventually we found our way. My new area is Yucaipa 4th ward. Yucaipa is so interesting. It for sure does not come to mind when you think southern California. There are some times in my area where I feel like I am living back in Star VAlley! it is so weird. There are horeses and feilds everywhere. I am living in a homeshare with the Palmers and I absolutly love them! They have three little girls and they are adorable. we have chickens and dogs. they are pretty loaded lets just say. There are other times I feel like I am in Utah and other times I feel like I am in idaho and then I feel like I am in Cali sometimes too. It throws me for a loop sometimes.
So before I came here the the mission president talked to me about a few things that needed to happen here. The people here are great. I love the people of the ward I have met so far. However, there was some lack of trust in missionaries.. they have had some disobediance issues here and it has caused some damage. The area is having some difficulties. So the first day we got here we started to fast and pray to help us get things going. We have been working hard. lots and lots of walking and traking down formers and potenials and lots of walking=)  I have never been so tired in my life It has been Challenging but I know that we will be blessed. My new comp is Sister Munoz she is from.............Wyoming=) So we get it=) also , did you know that Elder Bednars wife is from star valley?? Anyway I am excited to learn from Sister Munoz. She doesnt have a lot to say so I have been learning how to love silence.
This has been a lot of transitioning so next week I am sure I will have more to say. We got a new investigator this morning and taught her and we are teaching her agian tommorrow so I am pretty excited about that. Any way that is what is going on over here =)
love you all,
sister webb
and p.s. you better have a non member family or friend in your home for dinner in the next 3 weeks or else=)

remembering sunday - ATL

Hey family and friends!

This week has been cruhazzy!  the work is for sure Hastening here!

Monday night I had the opportunity to go to a family home eveing with a bunch of really old people in a rest home, and yes they were really old. It was so great and im not going to lie super funny =) it was one loud yelling fest because no one could hear anything. At one point I asked the question " How have you seen Christ change your life?" They all thought I was talking about a movie and they were all " No I don't think we have seen that movie," I then asked, " How have you come to know your Savior?" to try and clear up the confusion to which they responded, " NO, i dont think we have seen that one either." it was great =) Oh and me and one of the older men were wearing matching cardigans...=) needles today i unsuccessfully tried to hide my laughter. It was so great but i learned so much from them and the stories of their faithful lives I truly hope to become like them in this life. 

We helped T___clean the room of her son who died last week. not going to lie it was an awkward feeling. However, we were able to teach her so much about the plan of salvation. I just wish there was more we could do for her. I cant even comprehend how it must feel to be her. We did a lot of less active work this week. we are seeing so much success in less active work. 3 went to church and 1 said she is coming and wants to take the missionary lessons. I love them all so much! Wow I have been so blessed to know all these people. We planned E_______ baptism this week=) it is so amazing to see the difference in her! She went form being a girl with blue hair and gages to getting baptized! We were so busy this week ! it seemed like we were running from appointment to appointment. I have prayed so much this week! and we picked up two new investigators!  We had Stake conference and it was all about Hastening the work. Family please go online and look up the Hastening the work link! We were able to hear from President Iring. I love that man. One thing is said really stood out to me. There are many people who are searching for the gospel who wont raise their hands and ask for help because their hands are too tiered. We really need to be a light to people so that they can have hope. I have been working on building my faith so much this week Elder Holland has the best faith formula! " The formula of faith is to hold on, work on, see it through, and let distress of earlier hours-real or imagined- fall away in the abundance of the final reward."

So I am getting transferred to..... Yucippa at least that is how I think you spell it.  I will be there on Wednesday. I have to say when i firs came on my mission trasferrs didnt seem like that big of a deal. However, they are different than i thought. I had no idea that i was going to love these people and this area so much! I truly have met so many wonderful people who I will always love! Redlands really has become "Holy Ground" to me. I am also so afraid to leave Sister Straatman. I love her!! however we will be life long friends! I am stoked to see what the lord has in store for me in Yucippa. i really dont know how to explain it. President talked to me about my new area and he is expecting a lot out of me the next several months there. He said a lot of success or faliure of this area in the next little while is on my shoulders so please please pray for me! I was told there is a lot of rednecks out there =) Just my kind of people =) I am excited to see!

So I watched an old man fall down some stairs this week. It was the saddest/funniest thing I have ever seen. I can say that now because he is ok. However, I have nver heard so many swear words come out of an old High Priests mouth before!  Well Fam Thanks for all the support! I really love you! I next time i write you I will be in Yucippa or however you spell it!

love ya~
sister webb

t's the climb - Miley Cyrus =)=)‏

Hey Family and Friends!
 Thank you so much for all the emails. They help me so much! I just love hearing from all of you! You all sound like you are doing so great and that makes this sister Very Happy!
This week.... haha I have no idea how to describe this week. I feel like a whole year went by this week. I have experienced my highest highs in the mission and my lowest lows this week.
So lets just start at the begining=) Monday was an awsome p day, Then Tuesday came. It was the weirdest thing ever Sister Straatman and I just felt off for some reason. You have to understand me and Sister Straatman are the best of friends and we never feel that way. It seemed like all day we were fighting the urge to get irritated with eachother. Then all day we felt so weird. We both had no energy, we had huge bags under our eyes, and it was a struggle to make it to that night. We had our last appoinment at 8 with E_____. E______ is someone we have been teaching Since I got here. Her husband is a super less active member and they have a little boy who is 1. They are a young couple who took the lessons with the aps and then agreed to let us teach them again. We felt as if we had hit a wall with her. We had no idea what more we could for her. It seemed as if everyone had given up on her. Even Sister Straatman and I began to loose hope... So that morning before we left we prayed so hard that we wouldnt give up on her too and that we would have the spirit with us. Well by the time we got to her lesson we had both kind of had it for the day. I am very ashamed to admit I had no desire to go teach this lesson. The whole way to the appoinment and to her front door I was pleading with Heavenly Father please dont let me give up on her. Please help her. Please Please Please. Then we went in. The start of the lesson was normal. Sister Straatman asked how her book of mormon reading was going and she said normal and that she still wasnt reading as much as she should. I then asked her "E_____ do you have a testimony of the Book Of Mormon?" I feel so bad to admit that I though the reply was going to be the same as always. "not yet" but this time she replied, "Yes." The room was silent, She then said, "I know it's true. " Neither of us knew what to do! We then asked if she wanted to be baptized and she said yes and we set the date Feb 1!!! Haha after she said that she looked and me and was all , "are you going to cry?"  She never should have asked. I started to cry I was so happy for her! and her family! They want to get sealed someday!!!!!!!!!!! I have never felt that kind of joy before. Straatman and I left so Happy we got home and we just talked about how Satan had been working so hard on us all day. It was the best thing ever!! I didnt at all that night. I was so happy! I prayed all night to continue to bless he becasue i know the advisary is going to be working extra hard. We have been calling all of our ward members and have been asking them to pray for her. I know it is helping.
Then came Wednesday. To start the morning off right we got dropped by 2 of our investigators that were making so much progress.. It broke our hearts for them. This is Eteranl life! Heavenly Father just wants them to come home. Someday they will except it. I just know it. We also had a lesson that night. We brought a sister from our ward. We were there for an hour and a half, it was one of those lessons where our investigator didnt get a word in, and we didnt get a word in, but our member told her whole life story. I even learned the most effective way to potty train little boys =) It's ok though becasue our investigator loved her!!! and so do I =)
Thursday I had my first Exchange, That is were I left sister Straatman to go to a different area and work with a Sister Training leader. I got to go with Sister Y______=) I love her so much. I got to go work in Highland. Our first lesson that night was with an 11 year old boy named J____. He was baptized about 2 months ago. I instantly bonded with J____. Wow talk about a hard life. His parents are hard core drug addicts who locked themselevs in their room all day. He was seperated from his 2 brothers and sisters about a year ago and hasnt been able to speak to them since. He sat there telling me all about how the gospel has changed his life. We read from the book of mormon. My heart was just breaking for him the whole time we met with him. No 11 year old should ever have to be so mature ever! Sister Y_____ got videos of me and him singing togehter. He was so sad that i wasnt coming back and said he is going to pray so hard that I will get moved to his area. It was the sweetest thing ever!!!! I love him! he even walked us to our car and opend my door for me. I am so glad he has the gospel in his life. I will never forget him.
Friday I worked the rest of the day in Highland. We did a lot street contacts=) haha I am still so akward=) I just smile a lot! I loved sister young we laughed a lot and had a lot of funny things happen.I was so excited to see sister Straatman that night though and be back in my area=)
Saturday, Saturday was rough, We started our day out agian by getting dropped by another investigator, and weird stuff happened all day then we got the call. Our Investigator T___  is the lady we are teaching who has had 3 or her 4 children die. Well it is now 4 of her children die. We got the call that night she found her son dead. All of her children are gone....I felt so sick. I dont understand it. There is a lady in our ward who owns a flower shop. We called her up and she gave us a beautiful arrangment for free. She was such a blessing. That night we prayed so much for T____. I didnt sleep. 
Then came Sunday, We started the morning off by going to see T_____ . She is all alone now. NO one. We sat and talked with her and helped with some things and find some stuff she needed for the mortuary. and just tried to bring her some peace. She said she felt comforted to know there was a place for him to be happy. Please keep her in your prayers.. Then it was time for church, Church was Amazing! we were both still just feeling weird. Then we go to church and guess what. One of our investigators that we have been working with forever came!!! with her husband! Not only that we had 3 investigators come to church and 2 less actives that we have been working with. They came! they got to feel the spirt. I have never been that happy! The ward jsut took them all in and they sat everywhere. and it was so great! during the sacrament I was just so happy I love all the people in our ward so much and all our investigators and I am so blessed to know all of them! I have never felt this kind of love before.
Then we found out that our zone leader got sent home.. We had a meeting and some bad stuff was going on. It makes me so sad... He helped me a lot in our zone meeting and stuff when I was having a hard time adjusting at first. its been a rough day for the zone today. However, it has made me reflect on the last 3 months. is there a limit to what I will give the lord? I am so thankful I am here. My mission means everything to me. I love it. I love these people even though its hard, we get rejected, horrible things happen that are out of our control but I am here to help people make covenants . To help bind them to heaven once more. To help them start their journy home. where they can kneel at the masters feet. I know that he came, I know that he is the Messiah. He lives and I will not deny it.
haha man this week has for sure been a bi polar week! Im positive that this email if full of grammer and spelling mistakes as usual but lets be honest im just not in the mood of fixing them=) it will take too much effort =) I love Sister Straatman. Im super worried about Transfers. I will know by Sunday where I am going. I will go whever he wants me to go.
Sorry folks nothing too funny happend this week! but just know that i sure love the heak out of all of you!
stay cool