Thursday, February 13, 2014

remembering sunday - ATL

Hey family and friends!

This week has been cruhazzy!  the work is for sure Hastening here!

Monday night I had the opportunity to go to a family home eveing with a bunch of really old people in a rest home, and yes they were really old. It was so great and im not going to lie super funny =) it was one loud yelling fest because no one could hear anything. At one point I asked the question " How have you seen Christ change your life?" They all thought I was talking about a movie and they were all " No I don't think we have seen that movie," I then asked, " How have you come to know your Savior?" to try and clear up the confusion to which they responded, " NO, i dont think we have seen that one either." it was great =) Oh and me and one of the older men were wearing matching cardigans...=) needles today i unsuccessfully tried to hide my laughter. It was so great but i learned so much from them and the stories of their faithful lives I truly hope to become like them in this life. 

We helped T___clean the room of her son who died last week. not going to lie it was an awkward feeling. However, we were able to teach her so much about the plan of salvation. I just wish there was more we could do for her. I cant even comprehend how it must feel to be her. We did a lot of less active work this week. we are seeing so much success in less active work. 3 went to church and 1 said she is coming and wants to take the missionary lessons. I love them all so much! Wow I have been so blessed to know all these people. We planned E_______ baptism this week=) it is so amazing to see the difference in her! She went form being a girl with blue hair and gages to getting baptized! We were so busy this week ! it seemed like we were running from appointment to appointment. I have prayed so much this week! and we picked up two new investigators!  We had Stake conference and it was all about Hastening the work. Family please go online and look up the Hastening the work link! We were able to hear from President Iring. I love that man. One thing is said really stood out to me. There are many people who are searching for the gospel who wont raise their hands and ask for help because their hands are too tiered. We really need to be a light to people so that they can have hope. I have been working on building my faith so much this week Elder Holland has the best faith formula! " The formula of faith is to hold on, work on, see it through, and let distress of earlier hours-real or imagined- fall away in the abundance of the final reward."

So I am getting transferred to..... Yucippa at least that is how I think you spell it.  I will be there on Wednesday. I have to say when i firs came on my mission trasferrs didnt seem like that big of a deal. However, they are different than i thought. I had no idea that i was going to love these people and this area so much! I truly have met so many wonderful people who I will always love! Redlands really has become "Holy Ground" to me. I am also so afraid to leave Sister Straatman. I love her!! however we will be life long friends! I am stoked to see what the lord has in store for me in Yucippa. i really dont know how to explain it. President talked to me about my new area and he is expecting a lot out of me the next several months there. He said a lot of success or faliure of this area in the next little while is on my shoulders so please please pray for me! I was told there is a lot of rednecks out there =) Just my kind of people =) I am excited to see!

So I watched an old man fall down some stairs this week. It was the saddest/funniest thing I have ever seen. I can say that now because he is ok. However, I have nver heard so many swear words come out of an old High Priests mouth before!  Well Fam Thanks for all the support! I really love you! I next time i write you I will be in Yucippa or however you spell it!

love ya~
sister webb

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