Thursday, February 13, 2014

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Hey Family and Friends!
 Thank you so much for all the emails. They help me so much! I just love hearing from all of you! You all sound like you are doing so great and that makes this sister Very Happy!
This week.... haha I have no idea how to describe this week. I feel like a whole year went by this week. I have experienced my highest highs in the mission and my lowest lows this week.
So lets just start at the begining=) Monday was an awsome p day, Then Tuesday came. It was the weirdest thing ever Sister Straatman and I just felt off for some reason. You have to understand me and Sister Straatman are the best of friends and we never feel that way. It seemed like all day we were fighting the urge to get irritated with eachother. Then all day we felt so weird. We both had no energy, we had huge bags under our eyes, and it was a struggle to make it to that night. We had our last appoinment at 8 with E_____. E______ is someone we have been teaching Since I got here. Her husband is a super less active member and they have a little boy who is 1. They are a young couple who took the lessons with the aps and then agreed to let us teach them again. We felt as if we had hit a wall with her. We had no idea what more we could for her. It seemed as if everyone had given up on her. Even Sister Straatman and I began to loose hope... So that morning before we left we prayed so hard that we wouldnt give up on her too and that we would have the spirit with us. Well by the time we got to her lesson we had both kind of had it for the day. I am very ashamed to admit I had no desire to go teach this lesson. The whole way to the appoinment and to her front door I was pleading with Heavenly Father please dont let me give up on her. Please help her. Please Please Please. Then we went in. The start of the lesson was normal. Sister Straatman asked how her book of mormon reading was going and she said normal and that she still wasnt reading as much as she should. I then asked her "E_____ do you have a testimony of the Book Of Mormon?" I feel so bad to admit that I though the reply was going to be the same as always. "not yet" but this time she replied, "Yes." The room was silent, She then said, "I know it's true. " Neither of us knew what to do! We then asked if she wanted to be baptized and she said yes and we set the date Feb 1!!! Haha after she said that she looked and me and was all , "are you going to cry?"  She never should have asked. I started to cry I was so happy for her! and her family! They want to get sealed someday!!!!!!!!!!! I have never felt that kind of joy before. Straatman and I left so Happy we got home and we just talked about how Satan had been working so hard on us all day. It was the best thing ever!! I didnt at all that night. I was so happy! I prayed all night to continue to bless he becasue i know the advisary is going to be working extra hard. We have been calling all of our ward members and have been asking them to pray for her. I know it is helping.
Then came Wednesday. To start the morning off right we got dropped by 2 of our investigators that were making so much progress.. It broke our hearts for them. This is Eteranl life! Heavenly Father just wants them to come home. Someday they will except it. I just know it. We also had a lesson that night. We brought a sister from our ward. We were there for an hour and a half, it was one of those lessons where our investigator didnt get a word in, and we didnt get a word in, but our member told her whole life story. I even learned the most effective way to potty train little boys =) It's ok though becasue our investigator loved her!!! and so do I =)
Thursday I had my first Exchange, That is were I left sister Straatman to go to a different area and work with a Sister Training leader. I got to go with Sister Y______=) I love her so much. I got to go work in Highland. Our first lesson that night was with an 11 year old boy named J____. He was baptized about 2 months ago. I instantly bonded with J____. Wow talk about a hard life. His parents are hard core drug addicts who locked themselevs in their room all day. He was seperated from his 2 brothers and sisters about a year ago and hasnt been able to speak to them since. He sat there telling me all about how the gospel has changed his life. We read from the book of mormon. My heart was just breaking for him the whole time we met with him. No 11 year old should ever have to be so mature ever! Sister Y_____ got videos of me and him singing togehter. He was so sad that i wasnt coming back and said he is going to pray so hard that I will get moved to his area. It was the sweetest thing ever!!!! I love him! he even walked us to our car and opend my door for me. I am so glad he has the gospel in his life. I will never forget him.
Friday I worked the rest of the day in Highland. We did a lot street contacts=) haha I am still so akward=) I just smile a lot! I loved sister young we laughed a lot and had a lot of funny things happen.I was so excited to see sister Straatman that night though and be back in my area=)
Saturday, Saturday was rough, We started our day out agian by getting dropped by another investigator, and weird stuff happened all day then we got the call. Our Investigator T___  is the lady we are teaching who has had 3 or her 4 children die. Well it is now 4 of her children die. We got the call that night she found her son dead. All of her children are gone....I felt so sick. I dont understand it. There is a lady in our ward who owns a flower shop. We called her up and she gave us a beautiful arrangment for free. She was such a blessing. That night we prayed so much for T____. I didnt sleep. 
Then came Sunday, We started the morning off by going to see T_____ . She is all alone now. NO one. We sat and talked with her and helped with some things and find some stuff she needed for the mortuary. and just tried to bring her some peace. She said she felt comforted to know there was a place for him to be happy. Please keep her in your prayers.. Then it was time for church, Church was Amazing! we were both still just feeling weird. Then we go to church and guess what. One of our investigators that we have been working with forever came!!! with her husband! Not only that we had 3 investigators come to church and 2 less actives that we have been working with. They came! they got to feel the spirt. I have never been that happy! The ward jsut took them all in and they sat everywhere. and it was so great! during the sacrament I was just so happy I love all the people in our ward so much and all our investigators and I am so blessed to know all of them! I have never felt this kind of love before.
Then we found out that our zone leader got sent home.. We had a meeting and some bad stuff was going on. It makes me so sad... He helped me a lot in our zone meeting and stuff when I was having a hard time adjusting at first. its been a rough day for the zone today. However, it has made me reflect on the last 3 months. is there a limit to what I will give the lord? I am so thankful I am here. My mission means everything to me. I love it. I love these people even though its hard, we get rejected, horrible things happen that are out of our control but I am here to help people make covenants . To help bind them to heaven once more. To help them start their journy home. where they can kneel at the masters feet. I know that he came, I know that he is the Messiah. He lives and I will not deny it.
haha man this week has for sure been a bi polar week! Im positive that this email if full of grammer and spelling mistakes as usual but lets be honest im just not in the mood of fixing them=) it will take too much effort =) I love Sister Straatman. Im super worried about Transfers. I will know by Sunday where I am going. I will go whever he wants me to go.
Sorry folks nothing too funny happend this week! but just know that i sure love the heak out of all of you!
stay cool

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