Thursday, February 13, 2014

ill go where you want me to go dear lord‏

Hey family and friends!
I hope that everyone had a great week! You all sound so busy! I loved that picture of Aniston on the potty=) I want to hear how Bens Medical School interveiw went. I am sure he did great! However, I secretly hope he didnt do too great because I want him to go to med school in Az not Iowa! I am stoked that awsome things are happening for him though! and he has placed two books of Mormon. Way to go bro=) I sure hope Clair doesnt die! I sure worry about him! That is so great that chun scored 4 goals that basketball game. I mean points. =) Oh dad, I am worried about his foot. I bet he looked pretty graceful out there on that ice though.=) Ok how did I not know that Ben was an AP on his mission?
So this week has been insane. I feel like it has lasted a year. So last monday and tuesday I was still in Redlands. I was able to say goodbye to people, and teach E_____ for the last time. I am so happy that I get to go back for her baptism on Saturday. It was hard to say bye I am not going to lie however, I know that the lord needed me to leave. =) I love everyone there so much and Redlands was amazing. The worst part was saying bye to sister Straatman. haha and apparently the ward was not very happy that we were getting separated. She will forever be one of my best friends. We are so close and I am so glad I was able to be her companion.
Then came Wednesday. Transfers=) I met another sister at the mission office who was going to the same area I was going and we were going to ride out there together. I was secretly hoping I would be able to drive. However unfortunaly I am red dotted... which means I may have gotten one too many tickets in my life before I came on my mission, so driving is off limits to me, for a little while anyways=) Well we got lost... and we had no phone.... so it was an adventure but eventually we found our way. My new area is Yucaipa 4th ward. Yucaipa is so interesting. It for sure does not come to mind when you think southern California. There are some times in my area where I feel like I am living back in Star VAlley! it is so weird. There are horeses and feilds everywhere. I am living in a homeshare with the Palmers and I absolutly love them! They have three little girls and they are adorable. we have chickens and dogs. they are pretty loaded lets just say. There are other times I feel like I am in Utah and other times I feel like I am in idaho and then I feel like I am in Cali sometimes too. It throws me for a loop sometimes.
So before I came here the the mission president talked to me about a few things that needed to happen here. The people here are great. I love the people of the ward I have met so far. However, there was some lack of trust in missionaries.. they have had some disobediance issues here and it has caused some damage. The area is having some difficulties. So the first day we got here we started to fast and pray to help us get things going. We have been working hard. lots and lots of walking and traking down formers and potenials and lots of walking=)  I have never been so tired in my life It has been Challenging but I know that we will be blessed. My new comp is Sister Munoz she is from.............Wyoming=) So we get it=) also , did you know that Elder Bednars wife is from star valley?? Anyway I am excited to learn from Sister Munoz. She doesnt have a lot to say so I have been learning how to love silence.
This has been a lot of transitioning so next week I am sure I will have more to say. We got a new investigator this morning and taught her and we are teaching her agian tommorrow so I am pretty excited about that. Any way that is what is going on over here =)
love you all,
sister webb
and p.s. you better have a non member family or friend in your home for dinner in the next 3 weeks or else=)

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