Monday, March 10, 2014

what a week!!‏

Hello Family and Friends!!=)
Once again I absolutely loved hearing from all of you! It really is just what I need every Monday to get me going again=)
Well this week has been the craziest week of my entire mission. This week we had Transfers on Wednesday. So Monday and Tuesday were spent working and trying to get the area all ready for the new Elders coming to the area. Then Wednesday came. Sister Munoz and I drove to the mission office and I dropped her off with her new companion while I waited with another sister for the new Sister missionaries to come in. I was so nervous I couldn't eat anything. Well then we all went into the meeting and I met my new companion Sister McConkie!! I absolulty love her!! And yes she is related to the one and only Bruce R. McConkie. He was her great uncle. She is from Salt Lake City and she is 19. Now this is where it gets cool. So I cant remember if I told you guys this story a couple months ago but he goes. So one day when I was serving in Redlands Sister Straatman and I had to run up to the temple for some reason. Well when we got there. I (of course) forgot something in the car.  So we had to run back and get it. Then when we were entering the temple grounds there as a family that passed us . Well it was Sister McConkie and her family. She told us that she was coming in a couple months and that her and her family were on vacation in California and thought they would stop by and see where she was serving. We talked for about 5 min and then she left. It was weird though because when she left I thought about her a lot and I prayed for her that night. Well She had been stalking the mission blog for a few months and when ever she saw my picture she just had a feeling that we would be companions and she wanted me to train her and then we met at the temple. Well when we both walked into the training meeting we saw each other and just both knew and we were right. It's crazy how the lord works.
Well to make that day even more crazy. I was informed that I was a Sister Training Leader. Sister Training Leaders are like Zone leaders for Sister Missionaries. There are about 8 of us in the mission. I wanted to throw up as soon as I found out I have no idea what in the world I am even doing yet and one of my jobs is to go on exchanges with sisters every week to help them in their areas.I have no idea what I am doing and I sure hope President prayed about it. To make it a little more stressfull They were supposed to tell me last transfer so that I could arrange a place for my companion to go while I went to MLC the next day but they forgot to tell me=) Dont worry we worked it out and on Thursday I made it to MLC (mission leadership conference).
That brings me to my next big event.....IM DRIVING!!!=) President gave me the green light=) Any way on Thursday I picked up the other Sister Training leader to take her to MLC and I got us soooo lost. Somehow we ended up in the Redlands airport but dont worry we still made it to mlc with 10 minutes to spare.  I feel like im a whole new woman driving=) just kidding but really.
So White washing an area has been interesting. I have no idea what I am doing and what Is going on in the area I am serving in. The ward mission Leader has only been in the area for about 3 months as well so we are all just trying to figure it out together.=) This bishop has been so helpful though. I love the ward. I am in the Palmers ward! the people I live with and I love it. I have never walked so much my entire life. Even though we have a car I'm not to big on using it. We have talked to sooooo many people this week. Its funny because pretty much everyone we talk to that really wants to hear what we have to say we end up "halfin ta" refer to the Spanish missonaries. Oh how I wish i spoke Spanish.
One thing I love about Sister McConkie is how alike we are. We have a lot of fun together. It's funny. I have never been so stressed out on my mission and been rejected so much but I'm still so happy. I love how she is game for whatever. The other day there was a guy down in a field digging a huge trench. Well I wanted to go talk to him and she was all game. So here were two sister missionaries in skirtks climbing through a fence "offroading" in the dirt and mudd to talk to him. He looked at us like we were crazy. He wasnt interested but we had fun. I love her testimony as well. I look up to her so much and I will learn so much from her.
this week obedience has stuck out to me so much. I want to be the kind of missionary that if Christ were to come right now he would take me home with him. I know that I am no where even close to being that way. I need so much more faith!!! But I want to strive for that. Please read the Book Of Mormon!!! it will increase your faith so much! we dont realize what we have! we really dont. I just want you all to know that I know that Christ lives!!!! I know it with all my heart!  Its funny how happy I am . I am so happy. Its crazy how my heart has changed. The things that were once there seem to be fading and just filling with a love for these people and my savior and that's all I want!
On Saturday We are having a mission Conference and Elder Neil A. Anderson is speaking to us!! I am so excited I cant wait!! I cant think of a better Birthday Present! Man where has the past 5 months gone? It has been 7 months since I saw Ben and Mckayla!
I loved Chuns letter. Man it sounds real serious snap backs vans and everything=) I say go for it!! I have always love it!!!!!!!!!=) I love you all so much thanks for all your support!!!!
siter Webb!!!!!


Hello everyone!
wow it sounds like everyone has had such a great week! I really love hearing from you all! wow I feel like so much has happened since the last time I spoke to all of you! well for starters I am getting transferred sorta. I will still live where I live but I will be serving in a different area in the mountains. Also I am whitewash training which means I am training and we will be going into an area that hasn't had missionaries. Haha this poor sister please pray for her!! I am so nervous to train! I have no idea what I am doing. I have to admit I am a little surprised I thought for sure I was staying in my area. Sister Munoz is also leaving that area. It's crazy things just started to really get going and then we leave!! we really saw miracles happen together! we went from an a dead to area and to having two baptisms and a lot more investigators and the ward is so excited about missionary work. I am a little sad to leave but I trust the lord!! haha i keep thinking about my future comp leaving the mtc tomorrow=) please pray for her=) we are gonna need it! we will also be driving in a truck this transfer. I need to buy a gps!!
I am so stoked that Ben and Mckayla are going to Az! and they are having another little girl=) man that is so dang weird!! Mckayla I want pregnacny pics=) the pictures of Aniston are adorable and they melt my heart just like always. I am glad Clair is getting some time off!!! and dad and chris are going to seattle that should be so fun! that is crazy that Nicole and remmie are already going back !
This week was so great!! our area was so blessed! Man I love the people here so much its unreal, they really have become like family to me. On monday we met a lady who has a pig farm... she showed us all of them and the ones she has as house pets.. then we met the biggest dang pig i have ever seen in my entire life!!! it weighs 650 lbs... what a ham=) this week I have been really looking at familes... thats why I am out here. the moms fighting with their kids to be quiet, dads playing ball with their kids, thats what life is all about the small simple moments and family=) we had a lot of successes in less active work. so many of them opened up to us and we were able to finally hear what their real concerns were and had a lot of powerful lessons lead by the spirit. we had exchanges this week and I loved the sister I was with and we were able to teach a couple of amazing lessons! It's the coolest thing to see when the spirit really starts working with someone and when they start to repent and use the atonement. there is such a different light in their eyes.
The thing that brought me the most joy this week was the members. their whole mind set towards missionaries and the missionary work has changed so much in the past 6 weeks. When I first got here our ward didn't really trust missionaries and missionary work wasn't a huge priority. that is completely different!! we have people telling us that they have people for us to teach this week! ( too bad we wont be here) the bishop is on fire, he placed 3 books of mormon last week and the ward has started to as well! the whole fast and testimony meeting was on missionary work. D_____gets baptized  saturday!!! I am so excited11 the ward is so excited too=) they havnt had a baptism in a long time so they are all so excited about it. the ward is changing and the missionaries in that ward better be ready=) haha the bishop and ward mission leader are  not happy that we are getting transferred.
so it rained..... a ton!!!!!! holy cow I have never been so wet but i absolutely loved it. I thought about Chris's saying "life isnt about waiting for the storm to pass its about learning to dance in the rain." well we danced =) I couldn't stop smiling and laughing all day because we were so wet and looked so pathetic but you better believe we sure had fun=) I love sister Munoz so much. I sure will miss  her!
so we had an awesome experience this week. a brother in our ward in a seminary teacher and he loves us. He texted us one day and said that while he was preparing for his lesson for hte next day he received very specific revelation and that we needed to come to class the next morning. so we went and he teaches High school Jr's and Sr's. well when we got there he had everyones names written across the chalk board and everyone had to write a list of every non member person they knew. the kids wrote down so many names. well then he read the talk "a voice of warning"  and talked about how they needed to share the gospel with these people they knew. then one kid raised his had and asked if we could all kneel in prayer and ask heavenly father for revelation on who they needed to share the gosple with. so there we were at 6:30 in the morning Kneeling with a bunch of high school students seeking revelation on who to share the gospel with. and they received revelation!!! it was so awesome! we have been hearing about how they have placed books of mormons and have been sharing the gosple like crazy since then=) the youth are amazing!!! and this marvelous work is hastening!
I am still so hung up on the pre earth life this week. I keep thinking about who we were and what faith we had. this week however I thought about a different part. We were still in Heaven when our brother Jesus Christ endured the atonement.... I wonder what we were doing during that moment. I wonder if we were all praying to give him the strength to do it. I'm sure heaven was full of weeping that day and a somber quietness as we watched as he endured undescribable pain for us.....I wonder what our father said to us.... It has just been on my mind a lot. we were so full of faith! Our spirits are still faithfull to him that calls us but are we listening to him with faith? I am so thankful for him and who all of you were before we came here.
the work we were saved to do is happening!!! are we on board? I am so happy to be a missionary. thanks for all the support=) I love you all.
p.s. I miss doozer =)
love you all know that I am very happy but so nervous to train, please help =)
sister webb

Put another shrimp on barbie

Hey Family and Friends!!
I hope that everyone is doing great!!  I hope that things all start to slow down a little for all you!
This week was great.Tuesday we did a lot of member work and I just have to say I love the members here so much! A less active lady in our ward absolutely loves us. It's funny because when we go over there she says she needs to run check on things outside but really she is just going out for her ciggs. Anyway, we got her to commit to coming to our baptism next Saturday. Its not church but it's a start =) On Wednesday we had a Zone Conference and our mission President came and talked to us all day. It was intense. After that Sister Munoz and I had a cool experience we were able to go and rededicate our chapel for missionary work. Before we did we sang a couple songs. The spirit was so strong. Just me and sister Munoz in the chapel singing nearer my god to thee. I will for sure never forget it. We went out with the Young Women on splits that night and I learned that Justin Beiber has been deported..... what happened to my beibs? Thursday...... Ha I'm not really sure what happened thursday I cant remember. Friday was an awesome day! We received a referral so we went and contacted her. She is so great! I love her so much already, she also has a 2 year old who is just chatting away and it made me wonder if that is what Aniston is now like. The cool thing is though is that there is a married couple down below and we started to teach him as well. He is such a neat guy. He is covered in tatts and looks pretty scary. However, He is super religious well spiritual I guess you could say. He knows his bible inside and out and was really interested in what we had to say because he doesn't agree with what a lot of churches say about the trinity. He has been all over the world pretty much. He pulled out salt from the dead sea and all kinds of way cool stuff. I am so excited to be teaching them.
On Friday we were also asked to be part of mission for a day. This is where the Youth are thinking about going on missions get to do a mini mission. On Friday night they all showed up and had an opening devotional. Then they got their "calls" and their comps. Then they went through a mini Mtc. Sister Munoz and I were in charge of teaching the class talk with everyone. It was pretty funny. This one poor kid got me laughing really hard. We were having them role play. So this one kid volunteered to come up in front of everyone and contact sister Munoz. The situation was that sister Munoz was sitting on a park bench and he was going to contact her. Well he started and was trying to make small talk and he without even thinking he said," So there's a lot of birds....and bees here...." He instantly got super embarrassed and turned red. I started laughing so hard! I felt bad cause I should have made him feel better but I just couldn't help it. Sister Munoz saved the day and helped him out cause I was gone. Don't worry I repented.  That day we also saw a sight I will never forget. There was this really old man who has a lot of tatts everywhere and he was walking his pit bull with his shirt off.... There needs to be an age limit on being able to take your shirt off.. Haha but he was one hip old man with lots of saggy tatts.
On Saturday we had to sisters come out with us for their Mini Mission. They were so tired by the end of the day. We did a lot of walking and they got to sit in on a really cool lesson. I was reall nervous for this lesson because I Knew I was going to have to be super bold with one of the ladies we were teaching and I didn't want it to go wrong especially with the two younger girls. However, the lord was so mindful and softened hearts! I loved it so much! Funny story this day too! We went and were teaching an older lady in a rest home. Well in the middle of the lesson she said hold on girls I have to go smoke I will be back in five minutes... It was awkward but we said ok. Then like ten minutes later we see the staff rolling her in and her head is droopy and It looked like something really bad happend. Then one of the nurses came and said ," Sorry she always does this she smokes so fast that she passes out.". I felt bad for her but it was a little funny at the same time=)
Yesterday was great! I love church and our ward is finally starting to get excited about missionaries and the work=) I am so excited and I love them! We had dinner with the R____family and D____ and D____ opened up so much! she is so excited for her baptism=) two weeks away! I love her so much. It's the coolest thing to see people change!  Next week is transfers. I will know by Monday what is going on.
This week I am just so grateful for Healing power of the atonement. I have watched it change people including me. Elder Richards of the 70 said something that really got me thinking. " I wish I could just take away the veil for a moment and you could see yourself in that grand council. Imagine yourself in that premortal world. He chose you by name and asked if you would be willing to come because he needed the best. Maybe we were given the privilege of making a covenant. If we could only hold onto that and remember who we are every day." We all were saved for this time to be missionaries together. It is crazy how the lord is getting us ready for his coming and im so luky to be a missionary and get to feel it. Please continue to be a missionary it will be a great blessing... Our Messiah is coming.
On a lighter note my birthday is approaching. Yup I will be an old maid but that is ok =) I figured I could use this to ask for something =) The Prince of Egypt cd =) and big bag of Qunia from Costco=) I love you all!!!
                               stay cool

4 months

Hey Family and Friends,

How are all of you this week? I hope you are all doing great!! I have the best family in the entire world!! thanks so much for all the Valentine packages! Mckayla! i loved your letter so much and all those pictures and all the candy. I will write you back soon! Mom thanks so much for all the Sherries Berries they are sooo sooo sooo good! And dad and Chris! I loved the package! i love my new socks and the cat thing made me laugh=)

So this week was great! We have two investigators on date to be baptized! D_____ is getting baptized on March 8th! She has given up coffee this week so its been a long week she said but she is doing it=) and K___ is April 8th. Please Please keep them in your prayers!

So a couple of interesting things happened this week. We were out walking and we started to talk to this lady and this guy and they just started to yell at us. He went off on how Mormons had aluminum helmets and how there was no war with aliens in New York=) and of course I always love the magic underwear comments=) I just wanted to laugh. I didn't, but I sure wanted to. Also this week we taught Seminary. It was pretty cool. I really look up to these kids. 

So yesterday I was fasting. It was almost time for dinner When our dinner appointment called and said it was going to be later. I couldn't wait any more and my poor comp had already put up with me without food all day. so I broke my fast and ate the only thing we had in our car. instant potatoes. The little bead ones. Well I was starving so I ate tons! I didn't even think about the fact that they would expand in my stomach when they were mixed with water. I was so sick!! So moral of the story is never ever eat a lot of instant mashed potatoes before they are cooked. The Palmers have been out of town this week so we have been taking care of their animals. I am not a fan of their chickens!!! They are the hardest things to control. It is always an adventure trying to herd them back in the coop at night but It always gives me a good laugh=)

So this week there have been  a few things that have really stood out to me. There was a fireside this week and it was a husband and wife who were speaking she has a rare disease that she got when she was 13 and is dying. Her Husband knew she was dying when they met and they still got married and had a little boy. She is not doing to well right now and its crazy because they are both so young. Every one was crying The veil felt so thin. They truly loved each other. Not the fake love. The kind of love that is spiritual and built on Christ. She said a quote from Presidents Hinckleys wife where she talked about how President Hinckley has always helped her fly and has been the wind beneath her wings. That's the kind of family and marriage I want. I am not focusing on that but I just thought about how I need to continue to grow so that someday I can have that and always support my husband and family in the gospel. 

The plan of Salvation really hit home this week to. We were teaching a family who lost a son in a car wreck when he was 17. It was just so neat to be able to talk to them about the lords plan and his timing. I have so much to work on. I am so thankful I still have so much more time to be humbled and to continue to grow closer to my savior. I am so blessed! Well I hope that everyone has a great week! I sure love all of you and hope you know I am praying for you! please keep going with the missionary moments!

love you!!!!
sister webb