Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Lord, i would follow thee.‏

Hey family and friends,

I hope this was a great week for everyone. I love to get e mails telling me how all of you are doing. It sounds like everything is going great and that you are all so busy. I hope everyone has a great thanksgiving!! Mom that picture of Aniston made me so happy!! =) I love that little girl so much. Ben made me so happy when he told me about how he gave a book of Mormon to a co-worker! way to go bro=) 

This week it rained and rained. When it rains in Cali it really rains!  So it kind of put a damper on the work and a lot of people were really busy with holiday stuff. However we did have a couple of awesome experiences. One was with ______. She is my age and she is married to a less active member and they have a baby boy who is about six months. Well other missionaries have been working with her forever and we started to teach her a couple of weeks ago. She told us she wants to be sealed and she knows that baptism is what she needs to do! However, she wouldn't commit so have had her pray all week to know specifically if she is supposed to get baptized. I know she will get an answer=) We all met _______ or however you spell it. She is looking for truth we had an awesome talk with her and at the end when we were praying with her she just started to bawl. One of perks of being a Sister Missionary is that i was able to hug her for a long time as she just cried and said thank you for the calm feeling she had. We are going to see her tomorrow=)

This week we were talking to a lady and she wanted us to come and teach her in her back yard. well we go back and her yard is "chuck full" of statues. Everywhere you look there is a statue. However they all had their heads chopped off.... I felt a little uneasy=) We went and saw the lady who lost her cane and hearing aid at church. She gave us some very old food=) it reminded me of dad. She also showed us all her pictures. It's so sad/funny. She has a son in law who she is not so in love with, and in every picture that he is in she has cut is face out....ha-ha oh man=) One night it was raining so hard. We finished an awesome lesson and we had to run as fast as we could so we could get back to our apartment by curfew. I have never been so wet in my entire life. Before we went in the apartment I just looked up to the sky and thanked my Heavenly Father. Here I was so wet and so cold, completely exhausted, both mentally and physically, running in these streets of California. Yet I was so happy and I didn't want to be anywhere else. I am so thankful for this opportunity and for the gospel and all it has done in my life. I know this is the true church! my soul yearns for the day I can FALL not carefully sit but fall down at my saviors feet. For those of you who know me very well you will know how terrible I am at leaving voice mails. I feel so awkward talking to something that isnt going to say anything back. Well this week it got worse im not going to say what i said in the message because after i hung up i realized how terrible it was what i had just said...When i saw the lady on Sunday she just started laughing=) lets just say she will never forget me. I also found a new fruit i love and you know me, when i love something i really love it. I can’t remember what it is called but will get back to you next week!

Please continue to read the Book Of Mormon!! it will change your life! 

I love to hear about what is going on back home. Don’t leave anything out I want to hear it all. I am going to risk sounding really pathetic right now but I am going to ask for letters. I haven't revived a letter since iv been out yet and I’m not going to lie sometimes its a little discouraging. Lets just say Please write me a letter=) Sorry IM pathetic I know but really everyone I talk to out here says letters from friends and family back home make all the difference. 

Mom and Clair, try not to kill yourselves with all the work you are getting! and Clair you are now hiring the people who you make fun of Kylee for liking=) it makes me happy. Tell Grams I love her and please get me Lila's address.

Dad and Chris: I miss you guys! i hope you guys are staying busy and tell Remmi I love him! i miss our Sunday visits!

Kylee:) I miss ya brookie boo=) you should write me sometime=)

Ben Mckayla and Aniston, I’m so excited that you guys get to move back home! i just sent ya a letter

Connor and Colt- love you guys!! don’t get into to much trouble

Natalie- i miss you! i hope your writing is going great you have a talent! 

Anyways I hope you all have such a great Thanksgiving! I am eating at a members house and we have been told she is like Martha Sterwart on Steroids! love you all
WEAV: Weav  I heard that you got accepted to BYUH! I’m so stoked for you. Please just don’t kill yourself out there=)Send me your address!

Shae: Shaybe, you will be pleased to know that your little hand out you made me is being used by a lot of sister missionaries out here=) how are things with Shannon?

Chantel: I miss you! how are things going? you should know that i have met your twin out here.

Tommy: how are the babes? when do you leave for idaho?

Scott: i hope school is going great, and that you are dominating in the playoffs. I also hope the new car is still treating you well.

Dillion: Write me!! I have stuff to tell you! I hope school is still going great.
    love Sister Webb

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Hey family and friends!! 
Wow where did the week go? I feel like I was just barley writing an e-mail.
This week was GREAT!  Me and sister straatman set some pretty high goals. We knew that if we exercised great faith and mighty prayer mixed with exact obedience all things were possible through our savior. Family, we reached our goals by Wednesday. We worked so hard and the lord blessed us. It was only the lord. It wasn't me or Sister Straatman! California is ready! the lord is hastening his work and i am so blessed to be a part of it! Faith is a concept I have come to learn a lot about on my mission. I never thought about how faith is the only reason our Fathers plan could even work. We had perfect faith in our savior in the pre earth life that he would come here and choose to atone for our sins. That is the only way the plan has worked!! It’s all faith!

Saturday was my one-month mark and on Saturday we had the best experience ever! It was a mission conference! Every missionary in the mission gathered together. It was so powerful and uplifting to be surrounded by so many other missionaries. We had a member of the 70 talk to us all about faith=) Then president VanCott threw it down=) He has received revelation for our mission. Our mission is going to have 2 baptisms per companionship every month. That is what is possible for us in this mission at this time. He said it is going to take a lot work but that it is going to happen through our faith. All I have to say is I need to get to work!! He is an amazing man and he and lord expect us to do this work!!

Any way=) I had some funny things happen this week! One day we were in a park and then we met "Billy Rae Cyrus"=) He was a homeless man who came up and started talking to us and told us that was his name. Then he started to sing to what and us a marvelous song it was=) He had a spitting problem and I was just getting showered throughout the whole song. I tried to back up but there was no escape. I also thought it was hilarious and i dint want to offend him by laughing so I was looking around everywhere biting my lip to keep back the laughter that was building inside.... I am ashamed to say I couldn't hold it in. I then had to come up with a quick reason I was laughing. An investigator I was teaching also sang to me and I think I am just bad at taking people seriously when they are singing to me because I again had the urge to burst out in laughter. I had to do some serious repenting. Ha-ha one day we were walking and started to talk to this lady and she said she was looking for a church with activities for youth. So we told her all about ours and told her we would get some more information and then get back to her. Well we did and we went back and knocked on her door. (People in Cali always have thick metal screen doors that have tons of little holes but that you cant see into ) She yelled who is it? And we told her it was the sister missionaries with more info for her... she came back and said. " No one is here" =) ha ha my comp was all " ok thanks" and we just walked away. There were a lot of clever things we could have said. One of the things that President has asked us to do is to get into the hearts of our members. So Sister Straatman and me have been leaving little cards on their doors. Well one night we were going up to the door and she said they are going to see you. Out of instinct i just dropped. Well I dropped in dirt and I had to army crawl in and skirt to deliver my note... I'm not sure it was worth it but it made it fun=) we were studying in a park yesterday and it just hit me. Here i am in a park in California where bagpipes are being played in one corner and there was a big hookah smoking gathering in the other section of that park. Missions are great, funny, SPIRITUAL, and awkward =) I wouldn't have it any other way. One day we were walking and we saw this little old lady picking up fruit in a yard. So we asked if we could help her and she said yes... well a little while later we found out we were helping her steal fruit from someone else’s yard who didn’t want to share their fruit. We unknowingly helped her steal fruit and she wouldn’t hear anything about the gospel!

Ok guys =) I have a challenge for you! So I have been thinking about Christmas and what I can do to feel connected to the family. So we are going to be missionaries together!! I am challenging you to pray as a family and individually about who you can share the gospel with. I am going to take it as far as to invite these people to your home for a family home evening or something and have faith that you will find someone you can invite to take the missionary discussions! Yup =) this will be the first thing I will want to talk about when we Skype on Christmas. President says he doesn’t care who is there when we Skype so if any of my friends or other family wants to be there when we Skype then they have to have a missionary experience to share. I can promise if you do this this will be the most special Christmas you have ever had. 

The members here are so great! i love them so much! Mom sister Feldmen has taken such great care of me! She just loves us. However, she is trying to set things up with her son back in Provo. Ha ha i had to explain that my thoughts are only focused on the mission right now=) 

I love the scriptures so much!!! I love to study and learn from them! Mom and Dad you guys should for sure get a preach my gospel=) I Just want you all to know how much I love you and how much you mean to me. I know I am supposed to be here. I know this church is true! It makes me so happy! I love being a missionary! I have so much to improve on and be better. I want to become worthy enough to be spit upon. I love my savior more than anything. I miss you all so much and you are always in my prayers. I am so glad to hear about elder green and sister Beus I was so worried and they were in my prayers. I Love you guys so much!!

Sister Webb =)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Be a Missionary!!

Hello family and friends!
 wow I cant believe that it is Monday already. It was so good to hear from you! you all have no idea how much your e mails help me=) This week was filled with so much!
Tuesday was amazing! we got 3 new investigators!!!!!! The lord is so great! One guy we taught is atheist and loves everything to do with science and the human body. I loved this lesson. God truly prepares us. I am so glad that I took all of those classes on the human body and Heavenly father brought so much back to my remembrance and was able to show me how it is all tied into the gospel. I cant wait to teach him again. 
Wednesday and Thursday were also great! I cant express how much I love the people here and I love sharing the gospel. haha and then came Friday... Friday was "ruff" :)  I will take the blame, I asked Heavenly father to help us become more humble and he did =) It was just one of those days where people were really mean and everyone rejected us and yea it was just rough=) However, on the bright side I did manage to break my record for the number of abandoned shopping carts I have ever seen=) well as much as I don't want to admit it I allowed myself to become discouraged that day, I wish I wouldn't have. It was the greatest thing ever that night when I got home there was the package from mom with my music in it! I truly have been dying without music! so I turned on my Nashville tribute band and everything was ok=) it really is the simple things in life that make us happy=)
Saturday was so great! we had a day full of walking . We were walking by a ladies house and she was outside trying to move some paintings, so we asked if we could help. To our surprise she said yes. We started talking about why were here and that we weren't Jehovah witnesses (we get that a lot) I then asked if we could come in and teach her. ( I feel bad because I totally changed my trainers plan on visiting some people in our ward.) Well we went in and we taught her the first lesson. The spirit was so strong you could not deny it. I am so thankful for all the challenges I have had in my life they have helped me in this work so much. We set up a return appointment. needless to say we were so happy=)
Then came Sunday morning where I experienced my first "mission breakup". Just before we went into church we got a text from the lady we taught the day before and she told us never to come to her house again. It wasn't a very nice break up and to make matters worse she did it through texting. I was so sad, not because we lost an investigator or because our numbers would drop or because we wanted a baptism. I felt so sad for her! my soul ached I never thought I would feel that way. My trainer cried all through sacrament meeting. haha I think I probably looked like deer in the headlights =) The sacrament was soo great!=)
So that is what happened as far as the work went.
Funny stories:
I feel like so many funny things happen all time. I have started to have pretty intense dreams about mission work. It is to the point where every night I wake myself up because I am talking in my sleep. My comp says I talk clear as day and she has heard me teach the first vision a couple times as well as many prayers. My contacting efforts are getting a little better this week=) I still stick my foot in my mouth all the time but I am trying. Some times I find myself coming across super bold and I don't know if that's bad or not. haha an old lady in our ward is so funny=) At the start of church she lost her cane, after a large search effort her cane was found. By the time we were in Relief Society she had lost her hearing aids! never let me get old=) Ohhh so this was super funny / weird. So on Friday we were getting desperate. I had bought a case of bottled water earlier in the week and it was sitting in our back seat. We were driving and I remembered a lady in our ward lived behind a catholic lady who loved to gather empty cans and water bottles for money every week. So we pulled over and began to dump out all of the water bottles... I know I know.... we then took them to her to start a conversation and get to know her. Well when we got to her house we rang the door bell and we heard just a minute, we could see through the screen she didn't have any pants on.... never thought I would see what I saw on my mission... she then walked in her room and grabbed her pants and didn't put them on until she was once again in front of us in the living room. Me and my comp left that house laughing pretty hard.
I love the people I get to know and teach so much! I am so thankful for my amazing comp! I truly love her!! There are so many amazing stories out there! Family and friends! please please help the missionaries in your ward! that is the way the lord wants it. Pray that your tongues will be loosed! Please be a missionary!!!!! it is so important! I know it is scary and yes there is rejection but the feeling you get when you testify and help someone is unlike any feeling you will get in your entire life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give the missionaries in your ward names! please don't wait. President VanCott told us that Elder Scott said in a mission training conference that Christ wants to come right now but we aren't ready!!!! LETS GET READY! I pray for you every night. please take the the opportunity to bring others to the gospel it will change your life.
I want to have have the image of god permanently engraven upon my countenances. I know I am NOTHING without my savior!!!!! HE LIVES! and I am forever grateful for him!
People in Cali are pretty creative with their rude remarks I have to hand it to them=) but, every negative word every hurtful action has only straighten my testimony of this work. I am so grateful for this sacred opportunity I have. I know it is shaping me to a much better mother and wife than I ever would have been without this . I cant believe that this week I will hit my one month mark. I love it here, yes it is hard but its great!
Please get my Lilas address and tell grandma I love her and that I sent her a letter=)
I also had a very "kenzie" week! I kept introducing myself as "Elder Webb" I think I should promptly work on fixing this=) any ways I love you all so much! thanks for all the support! I love hearing from all of you!
                                                                              love you so much,
                                                                                              Sister Webb

Monday, November 4, 2013

First Week In The Field!!!

Hello friends and family!!!!
Wow i feel like so much has happened since the last time I wrote so i will just start from the begining.
The MTC will always be one of my most treasured experiences. On thursday after I found out Grandpa died and I talked to dad for a minute I had a hard time. However, I didnt want to take any breaks and I just wanted to go back to class. I then just felt such a calmness and peace. I truly felt everyones prayers for me. Then my amazing zone all sang abide with me tis even tide. Wow the spirt was so strong and helped me so so much! I love MTC so much becasue i came so much closer to my savior and felt this love for me grow so so much. I am so thankful that i was able to have that experience. I know that i am truly in the lord hands and he will take care of my family. I also find it so comforting that I am doing to the same work that grandpa is doing on the other side. I am truly honored to be his granddaughter. Time at the MTC flew by so fast before I knew it I was on a bus at 4:30 in the morning headed to the air port! their I got to call and talk to mom for a little bit. It was great to hear her voice.
 I had a goal to place a book of mormon before i met my mission president. haha that turned out to be an adventure. I started talking to one guy and struck out. Then on the plane I attempted wiht the guy by me and he wanted no part in it. However, the man across the esile had some questions. we talked for a long time. I was able to give him a copy of the book of mormon and I truly love that man!
Then we landed and i met my mission president. He is so amazing! he is such a humble disciple of christ and I am so thankful to learn from him. We read a talk by elder walker about how a big part of your mission call is the spirt placing you with your mission president wherever he is. I love Him. He is so young! His wife ,Sister Van Cott, is also so amazing. They have five kids that they brought out here wiht them. They work so hard and have sacrifeced so much to be here. We went to the church and had training all day. After we went to the mission home for dinner. The sisters who came out with me all slept at a neighbors house sister ______ Her house is amazing mom would be in heaven. It was built over a hundred years ago. She shared her sweet testimony with us it was a great experience.
Tuesday: Tuesday was crazy. we woke up went ate and then went to transfer meeting. I met my trainer=) her name is Sister Straatman=) She is so great I love her so much.She has been really great with helping me get adjusted and also and pushing me to go outside of my comfort zone. She is from Logan and she is 19. I love her testimony so much. We are in Redlands! I have to say I love Redlands=) it is so beautiful and historic. all the houses are really old. Any way. Me and Sister Straatman are "whitewashing" an area or in other words starting fresh and starting a brand new area book. Missionary work is diffent than I always thought. Finding people is hard. However, this ward is amazing! they truly have taken head to push on missionary work. We have 2 investiagators we are teaching this week becasue members were not afraid to open their mouths and be missionaries. I wish I would have been a much better missionary growing up than I ahve been.
The Work: The work is hard and scary but so worth it! I know i have only been in the feild for a week but its been the best week of my life. Ha you should have seen my first street contact, it was rough =) a kid was sitting on a bench in the park and i stumbled over to him and stampperd out the words "wha wha what are you doing here?" he just looked at me like i was so weird. I then stumbled upon my words and somehow handed him a Book of Mormon. I walked away so discourged but my trainer was great and we just started laughing so hard=) I have had several of those moments. You all know how fast I talk when i get nervous so I Have had to slow down. I find so much comfort in knowing that it is not me teaching, it the spirit. There is no way the lords work would progress if missionaries like me were teaching it =) Every time I open my mouth to testify I instatnly feel calm and I know that this church is true and that christ is with me but more importantly the people i am teaching every step of the way. I have met so many great people and have so many fun and exciting experiences. We were teaching a reacent convert and she is all about praising the lord. I Have never had someone shouting to the lord in the middle of the prayer.She is an african American and remindes me those movies with the lady names madea? I jsut smile every time I see her. The thing is though, she is so amazing and she loves christ so much and is so ready to follow him. OH haha side note my comp has bad luck with clogging our members toilets!=) its funny and sad all at the same time.
Redlands: Redlands is amazing! mom you would love it here. All the houses are really old with big wrap aroudn porches. and Halloweenn Redlands! everyone decorates so cute!  and its a big deal . It remindes of that old disney show Hallaween Town.=) Haha we were teaching a lady on Halaween night and she had here cat in her little apartment with us and she was all." I have to keep my cat in on halaween because there is a lot of cat sacrifices here, it's like Salem Oregon (MA?) up in here." Apretnly there is a lot of witchcraft practicd here..
My eyes have been open to a lot and I mean a lot of religions. I have been blessed by a couple seventhday adventous or however you spell it. OH! so we voluntereed well all the missionaries volunteered to serve food at the 125 years of redlands somthing celebration. Well it a huge deal here. It was pretty neat because for both the luch and dinner were catered by us missionaries. So every person who came through the line was greetedy about 25 elders and sisters =)  we were able to talk to a lot of people. There was one lady who took a very extreem intrest in me. It turnes out she is a chaplin for another church.. a church with dogs=) her buisness card is so great. I will send it home=) I was also blessed by her. =) we will become great friends with her. After the dinner there was a big program and somehow me and Sister Straatman were chosen to be a big part of it.... during the program they were going to be singing the Redlands Alma mater and they play church bells in a church a few blocks away every year at the high school graduation during the Alma mater. Well there were a bunch of people there who were acient, and they havnt heard it since they graduated high school. So They were going to sing it a play the bells as a surprise to everyone. Guess who was put in charge of the bells =) yea i was very nervous. So there we were sitting in a first congregatonal church waiting to play the bells. The cool part was I was able to talk to a 17 year old kid named Edward about the church teh whole time! We didnt get an investigatior out of it but he is in my prayers and someday he will =) We pulled off the bells just fine=)
The ward feeds us great!! so this means I am going to have to ask mom to send me my leancomplete and slim=) Sister Straatman loves to run too=)
I loved the pictures of Aniston! I love her so much.
I am allowed to to email my friends and family so if you want to send me a list with everyones e mail I would love that. I will try to respond to people when I have time.
Sorry this email is so long a lot has happened in two weeks. Just know that I am so happy to be here. I know my savior lives. I know him and I know that everyone knows him I am just here to help people remember him. I know that I am absoultly nothing without my savior. I feel his love everyday and Ilove to look at his children how he sees them and now how my mortal body sees them. I have so far to go on this journy to be become the person I need to become for my savior. I love this  gosple with all my heart! I love you and miss you all. you are in my prayers. ! I had a lot more to say but i dont have time.
               love you,
                        Sister Webb
p.s. If you could send a letter this week that would be great I need some sort of proof of insurance. I would alsolike to to konw how Grandpas funeral went. Oh and I need Lilas address. I want her to know how much I love her.
p.s.s There are tons and tons and tons of spellin issues in this i know! sorry this computer does
Hi Everyone,  Makenzie sent this letter the day she arrived at the Mission Home October 28th.