Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Be a Missionary!!

Hello family and friends!
 wow I cant believe that it is Monday already. It was so good to hear from you! you all have no idea how much your e mails help me=) This week was filled with so much!
Tuesday was amazing! we got 3 new investigators!!!!!! The lord is so great! One guy we taught is atheist and loves everything to do with science and the human body. I loved this lesson. God truly prepares us. I am so glad that I took all of those classes on the human body and Heavenly father brought so much back to my remembrance and was able to show me how it is all tied into the gospel. I cant wait to teach him again. 
Wednesday and Thursday were also great! I cant express how much I love the people here and I love sharing the gospel. haha and then came Friday... Friday was "ruff" :)  I will take the blame, I asked Heavenly father to help us become more humble and he did =) It was just one of those days where people were really mean and everyone rejected us and yea it was just rough=) However, on the bright side I did manage to break my record for the number of abandoned shopping carts I have ever seen=) well as much as I don't want to admit it I allowed myself to become discouraged that day, I wish I wouldn't have. It was the greatest thing ever that night when I got home there was the package from mom with my music in it! I truly have been dying without music! so I turned on my Nashville tribute band and everything was ok=) it really is the simple things in life that make us happy=)
Saturday was so great! we had a day full of walking . We were walking by a ladies house and she was outside trying to move some paintings, so we asked if we could help. To our surprise she said yes. We started talking about why were here and that we weren't Jehovah witnesses (we get that a lot) I then asked if we could come in and teach her. ( I feel bad because I totally changed my trainers plan on visiting some people in our ward.) Well we went in and we taught her the first lesson. The spirit was so strong you could not deny it. I am so thankful for all the challenges I have had in my life they have helped me in this work so much. We set up a return appointment. needless to say we were so happy=)
Then came Sunday morning where I experienced my first "mission breakup". Just before we went into church we got a text from the lady we taught the day before and she told us never to come to her house again. It wasn't a very nice break up and to make matters worse she did it through texting. I was so sad, not because we lost an investigator or because our numbers would drop or because we wanted a baptism. I felt so sad for her! my soul ached I never thought I would feel that way. My trainer cried all through sacrament meeting. haha I think I probably looked like deer in the headlights =) The sacrament was soo great!=)
So that is what happened as far as the work went.
Funny stories:
I feel like so many funny things happen all time. I have started to have pretty intense dreams about mission work. It is to the point where every night I wake myself up because I am talking in my sleep. My comp says I talk clear as day and she has heard me teach the first vision a couple times as well as many prayers. My contacting efforts are getting a little better this week=) I still stick my foot in my mouth all the time but I am trying. Some times I find myself coming across super bold and I don't know if that's bad or not. haha an old lady in our ward is so funny=) At the start of church she lost her cane, after a large search effort her cane was found. By the time we were in Relief Society she had lost her hearing aids! never let me get old=) Ohhh so this was super funny / weird. So on Friday we were getting desperate. I had bought a case of bottled water earlier in the week and it was sitting in our back seat. We were driving and I remembered a lady in our ward lived behind a catholic lady who loved to gather empty cans and water bottles for money every week. So we pulled over and began to dump out all of the water bottles... I know I know.... we then took them to her to start a conversation and get to know her. Well when we got to her house we rang the door bell and we heard just a minute, we could see through the screen she didn't have any pants on.... never thought I would see what I saw on my mission... she then walked in her room and grabbed her pants and didn't put them on until she was once again in front of us in the living room. Me and my comp left that house laughing pretty hard.
I love the people I get to know and teach so much! I am so thankful for my amazing comp! I truly love her!! There are so many amazing stories out there! Family and friends! please please help the missionaries in your ward! that is the way the lord wants it. Pray that your tongues will be loosed! Please be a missionary!!!!! it is so important! I know it is scary and yes there is rejection but the feeling you get when you testify and help someone is unlike any feeling you will get in your entire life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give the missionaries in your ward names! please don't wait. President VanCott told us that Elder Scott said in a mission training conference that Christ wants to come right now but we aren't ready!!!! LETS GET READY! I pray for you every night. please take the the opportunity to bring others to the gospel it will change your life.
I want to have have the image of god permanently engraven upon my countenances. I know I am NOTHING without my savior!!!!! HE LIVES! and I am forever grateful for him!
People in Cali are pretty creative with their rude remarks I have to hand it to them=) but, every negative word every hurtful action has only straighten my testimony of this work. I am so grateful for this sacred opportunity I have. I know it is shaping me to a much better mother and wife than I ever would have been without this . I cant believe that this week I will hit my one month mark. I love it here, yes it is hard but its great!
Please get my Lilas address and tell grandma I love her and that I sent her a letter=)
I also had a very "kenzie" week! I kept introducing myself as "Elder Webb" I think I should promptly work on fixing this=) any ways I love you all so much! thanks for all the support! I love hearing from all of you!
                                                                              love you so much,
                                                                                              Sister Webb

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