Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Lord, i would follow thee.‏

Hey family and friends,

I hope this was a great week for everyone. I love to get e mails telling me how all of you are doing. It sounds like everything is going great and that you are all so busy. I hope everyone has a great thanksgiving!! Mom that picture of Aniston made me so happy!! =) I love that little girl so much. Ben made me so happy when he told me about how he gave a book of Mormon to a co-worker! way to go bro=) 

This week it rained and rained. When it rains in Cali it really rains!  So it kind of put a damper on the work and a lot of people were really busy with holiday stuff. However we did have a couple of awesome experiences. One was with ______. She is my age and she is married to a less active member and they have a baby boy who is about six months. Well other missionaries have been working with her forever and we started to teach her a couple of weeks ago. She told us she wants to be sealed and she knows that baptism is what she needs to do! However, she wouldn't commit so have had her pray all week to know specifically if she is supposed to get baptized. I know she will get an answer=) We all met _______ or however you spell it. She is looking for truth we had an awesome talk with her and at the end when we were praying with her she just started to bawl. One of perks of being a Sister Missionary is that i was able to hug her for a long time as she just cried and said thank you for the calm feeling she had. We are going to see her tomorrow=)

This week we were talking to a lady and she wanted us to come and teach her in her back yard. well we go back and her yard is "chuck full" of statues. Everywhere you look there is a statue. However they all had their heads chopped off.... I felt a little uneasy=) We went and saw the lady who lost her cane and hearing aid at church. She gave us some very old food=) it reminded me of dad. She also showed us all her pictures. It's so sad/funny. She has a son in law who she is not so in love with, and in every picture that he is in she has cut is face out....ha-ha oh man=) One night it was raining so hard. We finished an awesome lesson and we had to run as fast as we could so we could get back to our apartment by curfew. I have never been so wet in my entire life. Before we went in the apartment I just looked up to the sky and thanked my Heavenly Father. Here I was so wet and so cold, completely exhausted, both mentally and physically, running in these streets of California. Yet I was so happy and I didn't want to be anywhere else. I am so thankful for this opportunity and for the gospel and all it has done in my life. I know this is the true church! my soul yearns for the day I can FALL not carefully sit but fall down at my saviors feet. For those of you who know me very well you will know how terrible I am at leaving voice mails. I feel so awkward talking to something that isnt going to say anything back. Well this week it got worse im not going to say what i said in the message because after i hung up i realized how terrible it was what i had just said...When i saw the lady on Sunday she just started laughing=) lets just say she will never forget me. I also found a new fruit i love and you know me, when i love something i really love it. I can’t remember what it is called but will get back to you next week!

Please continue to read the Book Of Mormon!! it will change your life! 

I love to hear about what is going on back home. Don’t leave anything out I want to hear it all. I am going to risk sounding really pathetic right now but I am going to ask for letters. I haven't revived a letter since iv been out yet and I’m not going to lie sometimes its a little discouraging. Lets just say Please write me a letter=) Sorry IM pathetic I know but really everyone I talk to out here says letters from friends and family back home make all the difference. 

Mom and Clair, try not to kill yourselves with all the work you are getting! and Clair you are now hiring the people who you make fun of Kylee for liking=) it makes me happy. Tell Grams I love her and please get me Lila's address.

Dad and Chris: I miss you guys! i hope you guys are staying busy and tell Remmi I love him! i miss our Sunday visits!

Kylee:) I miss ya brookie boo=) you should write me sometime=)

Ben Mckayla and Aniston, I’m so excited that you guys get to move back home! i just sent ya a letter

Connor and Colt- love you guys!! don’t get into to much trouble

Natalie- i miss you! i hope your writing is going great you have a talent! 

Anyways I hope you all have such a great Thanksgiving! I am eating at a members house and we have been told she is like Martha Sterwart on Steroids! love you all
WEAV: Weav  I heard that you got accepted to BYUH! I’m so stoked for you. Please just don’t kill yourself out there=)Send me your address!

Shae: Shaybe, you will be pleased to know that your little hand out you made me is being used by a lot of sister missionaries out here=) how are things with Shannon?

Chantel: I miss you! how are things going? you should know that i have met your twin out here.

Tommy: how are the babes? when do you leave for idaho?

Scott: i hope school is going great, and that you are dominating in the playoffs. I also hope the new car is still treating you well.

Dillion: Write me!! I have stuff to tell you! I hope school is still going great.
    love Sister Webb

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