Friday, December 6, 2013

Nearer My God to thee

Family and Friends!!!

What an amazing week!!! I am so blessed it is unreal! It was for sure a crazy/amazing/fun/spiritual week!
 Caution: Sorry this is going to be another long e-mail you can’t skip it if ya want =)

Kylee the shoe story about dad made me (lol). I literally "laughed out loud". OH dad you are the best =) and thanks for the Pocahontas? song in my email=) its funny because I have been telling sister straatman all week how bad i want to be an Indian. I love my comp! She lives in Logan and went to school with trevor we will be friends for a long time =) That story about aniston is to dang cute. watch out Ben she is going to be fun =) and  Mom and clair! I am worried about you two!  Please dont kill yourselves! i pray for you all the time! 
Tuesday: Tuesday morning we had the opportunity to go do a zone service project at the food bank. It was so great to help bring thanksgiving to those families who had nothing. One thing I am so grateful for is how blessed I am. I have seen so many out here who have so little and yet they are so happy. It truly is the small and spiritual matters in out lives that we should focus on to bring us joy. We were able to teach Helen. She is Amazing. She is the little Philippine lady we are teaching. She is so open and whole heartily accepted everything we were saying. However, I think there was a little confusion. At one point she called my companion and me prophets. We had to do some clarifying. There may be a slight language barrier there. However, the spirit was for sure strong. Her sister who never wants anything to do with us came and sat in at the end and by the time we left she had committed to reading the Book Of Mormon!! I was soo happy!! We take the Book Of Mormon for granted so many times! It truly changes people and lives for the better. I want to change so much more and I know I can learn how through the Book Of Mormon.  We also taught Evalyn she was the investigator we asked to pray about baptism. she has kind of hit a wall and doesn't feel ready and she didnt come to church yesterday. I pray so hard for her. I just want her to be with her family forever. Funny story about Tuesday. So it poured rain again. Well during our lunch break we were at the apartment and we realized that we left the phone in the car. so my comp stood on the porch while i dashed out to what i though was our car and began to jump in the car to get out of the rain and grab the phone. Well as i started to jump into the car i heard a scream!! It was not our car and i was about to sit on a lady! We both just started to laugh =)

Wednesday: Wednesday Was Amazing!! We had such a great lesson! I have truly seen the miracles that can be happen when you plan. We had dinner with a lady an our ward and she invited two of her non-member friends. Family!! This is huge!! Please invite people into your home so they can feel the spirit! well we had dinner and they started to ask us questions about what we do and it led into a lesson on the restoration! It was so great! One of the ladies didn’t want to learn more but the other one sure did=) the spirit was so strong. Her name is Terry. She is absolutely amazing. She has lost 3 of her 4 children. She set up a lesson with us to teach her yesterday. We found out before we left that the day we were teaching her the plan of Salvation was the anniversary of her daughter’s death. She is also in love with family history=) I love this woman so much! I don’t even know how to describe it. The lord is so great!! I also received my first "hommie hug"=) We were our walking and we went up to a guy named Dannie. Oh Dannie=) he made me smile a lot that is for sure! we invited him to church=) He said he would come and and gave us his phone number. Next thing I know I am being smothered by a big big man. At first i wouldn't hug back because that is a no no! But then we wouldn't let go until i patted him on the back... as we were leaving he yelled i hope you enjoyed your first " hommie hug" =) It was funny. His number was a fake and he didnt come to church=( This is also the day that I received Tons and Tons of mail!!!!!! I got back to the apt and it was so great! MOM! Thanks so much for the Tree and package!! You have no idea how much we are all loving it! I love having a little bit of Christmas here! Christmas is my favorite item of year and its so great to have some stuff! The other sisters just love you soooo much!! I may have shed a tear of joy=) Weav!!!! your letter was so great! it made me laugh! You should get a letter soon. Stac and Paul! you two are seriously the best! Your letter was amazing and i loved the advice!=) I will send you a letter this week=) Brookie Boo! you letter just melted my heart! I miss you kylee brooke and i am also sending you a letter this week! and moms card was great! Grandma! You are the best and I hope that your hip gets better. Mckayla! I loved the turkey from aniston=) I have the best sister in law i the world. and Grandma and Grampa kirby. Thanks for the card! I love you guys so much! Before I went to bed on Wednesday I was a little nervous about the next day. I just didn’t know how I would feel but it was great.

Thursday: HAPPY THANKSGIVING! This year was the best thanksgiving I have ever had in my entire life. The day started off normal. We then went to a members home where they fed us breakfast and we were able to hear their conversion story. It was so great! We then went to the palmers to help them prepare food for a ton of people. They had the most adorable puppies ever!! Somehow I was selected to carve the turkey.... Yea a lot of pressure. It was rough=) After that we went to deliver some of that food to a family. While on the way there i had an issue with the cranberry's.... that is why you will notice in pictures that I am wearing a different outfit in the morning than the afternoon. We then went to do spiritual thoughts. My favorite part of the whole day happened during this. We went to talk to albert and Verra. They are recent converts who live in the most humble of circumstances I have ever seen. When we walked in her face lit up. The elders got there at the same time as us and we all just thought we were there to share a little spiritual thought. She had been slaving away to make us all dinner. We ate Mac and Cheese and a little turkey( somehow I was volunteered to carve that turkey as well) with instant mashed potatoes. She was so excited. There wasnt room for all of us in the house So we sat outside and ate. She even had me a doctor pepper. I was super happy to be able to continue my tradition of having 1 doc pep on thanksgiving. They sat and told us their conversion process. I am so blessed and privileged to know them. The lord loves all his children no matter what and is not a respecter of persons. I felt the spirit and love of god so strong. before we left we all sang nearer My God to thee. tears just streamed down my cheeks and all of ours. Their neighbors came out side to hear. It was the best experience ever. We then went and delivered thank you notes to our investigators. We tried to be sneaky but I ended up ruining it. I also embarrassed myself in front of President Vancott. They were visiting a lady who lives next to one of our investigators. So after we dropped off a note at our investigators we just went to stop real fast and say happy thanksgiving. Well I popped my head in and there were all theses members and people and before i know it a very loud HAPPY BIRTHDAY popped out. they all just looked at me for a second and then I had to correct myself. I was so embarrassed. Later that night we went to sister Montgomery. She really is Martha Stewart on steroids. I was so nervous I was going to break something. and the aunt lori ceral effect start all over again. It was great though. I was so blessed. Of course I thought about you all but just know I had an amazing thanksgiving. I wouldn't trade it. 

Friday and Saturday were great too.

Sunday: Sunday came. It was the day we were to teach Terry about the Plan of Salvation. I woke up so heavy. ( part of that is because I turn into such a Grinch when i don't eat. poor sister straatman) The part was I just hurt so much for Terry I couldnt take it. All during studies and during church I just felt so sad for her and all that she has had to go through. I did not feel adequate to teach her on this day that is so hard for her. I didn't know what i could say or do. I prayed so so so much to help her and to help us be able to teach this, I didn't feel like i could do it...NO actually I knew i couldn't but i knew HE could. before we left to teach her we said one the most sincere prayers for her I have ever given. When we got to lesson she started to tell us how for some reason when she woke up this morning the uncontrollable tears that come ever year didn't come, and that she felt that today was the start of something new. Family, It was the start of something new. The spirit taught that lesson so amazingly. I will never forget it. It will forever be one of my most sacred experiences. I will never forget the look on her face when she received the answer that her children who were not baptized were not lost. I was so blessed to be able to watch the lord teach her. She is coming to church with us this Sunday!!

I want you all to know that i know the church is true! I have no doubt. I have no doubt in my savior. He walks with me all day everyday. Dont worry about me. I am in the best care I could ever possibly be in. He is bears me up daily. MY savior is my everything. Through him and only through him are all things possible. It's so weird how things that i wanted are changing and I can feel myself changing. I still have so far to go and i so glad like Moroni I can make weak things become strong. How Amazing in our Father in Heaven!!!!!! How can we not go on in such a work?

I love you all so much!
love sister webb

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