Tuesday, December 24, 2013

It's begining to look a lot like summer‏

Hey Family and Friends! 

Wow it sounds like everyone is so busy! I' m so glad to hear that everyone is doing so well. Dad and Chris that is so awesome what you did for the YSA activity! Man my family is awesome! Mom you sound as busy as ever! Im so glad you get to spend some time with Aniston=) I’m so glad she loved doing Ginger bread houses! I wish i could see all the pictures but this computer wont let me open things sent from i phones! 

This week was Great!! Tuesday was moving day we moved into a little apartment on the other side of town. It was for sure an Elders apartment =) I love the things you find in a missionary apartment! my desk is even complete with Anime =) I love how dumpy it is=) Sister Straatman has been having some stomach issues so we spent some time at the doc this week. I sure hope we can figure it out. I feel so bad for her. On Tuesday night we taught E_____ again...and she got an answer to her prayers!!!! It was the first time she has recognized Gods hand in her life! I was so happy I just wanted to start running! Me and sister Straatman couldn't stop giggling the whole way home after. Its so funny how your investigators become like your dating life and you get on such a high after and awesome lesson! 

Wednesday was a lot of contacting and rejection but you just have those days. It’s all about patience diligence and finding joy even when things are rough. We have been praying our guts out for more people to talk to and man Heavenly Father is listening. We talked to so many people! and were able to be bold. We have also been praying for ways to use the Book Of Mormon more in our teaching, our companionship, and in our finding. Guys do you know how awesome The Book Of Mormon is?!!!! read it! However, I am still trying to figure out what Isaiah is trying to say. This day something happened that I didn't think I would have to deal with on the mish. We met a guy and we talked to him for a while and gave him a pass a long card. Well he texted me that night and wanted to take me out. It was the awkward conversation ever because he didn't get why I couldn't and i didn't know how to not talk to him without turning him off from the church. We handled it but it stressed me right out.  We also helped a guy push his mustang to a gas station that day. I bet it look weird two girls in skirts and a guy pushing a car! What a blessing it is that i am so buff.... jk i wish, I was so sore the next day!!!!

Thursday we met C____. C_____ is Awesome. He as worked with members and around members his whole life. However, no one has ever really told him what the gospel is and what it is all about. It was a huge eye opener to me! We need to let people know! This day something super embarrassing happened. So I fall asleep with my retainer in every night and then when I wake up the next morning it is never in my mouth and a lot of times it falls under my bed. Well after we moved I could not find my retainer. So I had to call the elders who moved into our old apartment who just happen to be the AP's. Elder M____ found it under his bed... They then brought it me. I was mortified. 

Friday!!! Friday was soo great!! I learned a Few valuable life lessons this day. To start off we had a lesson with Sister B_______. Her husband is a member and and they have been married for 25 years and she has been investigating for 5 years. We have been praying like crazy about what to teach her. She comes to church every Sunday she just doesn't want to get baptized. Well when we left last time we left her with the commitment to think about what she wanted in the eternities and what she was willing to do to get there. We both felt such a strong prompting to explain again what baptism is. I find that right before we have a super awesome lesson or contact I am so nervous before I want to throw up. Well before  this lesson I felt so sick because I was so nervous and it was such an amazing Lesson. The spirit was so strong! it was unlike anything I have ever been a part of before! She turned a huge corner!! she just broke down and started to cry after we had her read a part of the Book Of Mormon. The Book Of Mormon is So powerful! we talked about how Christ never said to worship him he always said to follow him. She will get baptized!!! She will I know it! and the thing is I know that she knows it too =) We had to be very bold and I was scared but Heavenly Father knows his children so much better than we do. After that lesson We were on such a spiritual high!  We were walking and all of the sudden this little dog comes up from behind us and is running down the side walk. I made a stupid joke like " run Benji run" Just then it ran in the road and I watched it "give up the ghost".  It was terrible and I regretted my joke! That put a little damper on the day but we had a couple pretty sweet lessons. Then that night during weekly planning we got a knock on the door. Our Zone leaders were there with huge packages for both of us. Dad and Chris!!! Thank you so much!! I loved it!!!! We both got the 12 days of Christmas Packages! I have been so proud of my self for hardly crying on my mission but i have to admit tears of joy may have fled from my eyes!!! I loved the count down chain and all you did!!!!! Thank you so so much!! I loved it!! Once again we sat there giggling like little school girls! I have the best family in the world. Chris I could tell how much time you spent on it. thank you so so much!! and I got a package from weaves one and only girl Shaylee!! Weave she is a saint!! I love her tell her i love her and thank you so much! and my letter from doozer just made me laugh!!! There was a lot of joy in our run down apartment that night! it was such a great day

Saturday was also way sweet! we didn't have any lessons, but we did a lot of contacts. People were not so nice this day but that’s okay because I love them anyways. That night was the ward Christmas party. So apparently President VannCott is in our ward. It's just funny because he is so busy I have never seen him. Well He was there that night. I am terrified of President for some reason. I love him to death! He is such a great man but im afraid of him! ha-ha anyways we got called up to sing Rudolph the red nose ... me, Sister Straatman, and President..=) I will never forget hearing him sing  " ho ho ho" It was a great night. 

Sunday! We had 2 investigators at church!!! I was so pumped. I also participated in the ward choir....and i loved it!! I'm for sure signing up for it when i get home. We also met Colleen in the park. man talk about someone who has a rough life. I have never had so much love for people. Sometimes I feel so sad and so heavy for all these people. I am so blessed and I don't deserve it. I have met so many amazing people. This truly is the Lord’s work. We are his warriors. I have grown so much appreciation for prayer this past week. Prayer is amazing and so powerful! You are a child of god and he wants and needs to hear from us. Christ still prays. I never knew that until I came on my mission. Every day I pray to be worthy enough to have the holy messiah pray for me. I know I can’t do anything without him. WE are so blessed to have him.

Anyway I love you all!! Continue to be a missionary!!!!! it will bless you!! Mom im so stoked that you bought a preach my gospel!! that is so neat!! and Chris you invited that lady! look at my family being missionary's!!! I love it ! i have the best family ever!

The address you have is for the mission home so if you send it there i will for sure get it.
My physical address is 1400 Barton Rd. Redlands Ca, 92373

Mom sister straatman doesn’t go home until next febuary!  but i will get her e mail address to you!
I'm sorry but I dont know about skype yet I will let you know on Monday! 
Dad and chris I need your skype info!!

Anyways I love you all so much!! You’re the best!! I love this work so much!! I love being a missionary!!!!

Love your one and only sister Webb

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