Tuesday, December 24, 2013

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Hey Family and Friends,

I'm glad to hear that everyone is doing great! I love hearing from you all each week. I can’t believe that we are already this far in December. Christmas time in Cali is weird. it got down to a whopping 56 degrees last week and I thought i was going to freeze! What has happened to me? I took it upon myself to deck the halls in our apartment! I went all out... well we got transfer calls yesterday and we are moving, we are still companions and in the same area but we are moving apartments so I’m going to have to find time to re deck the halls =) However, We were informed that our new apartment comes fully equipped with a wheel chair and a ghetto table.=) I’m pretty stoked.

The work was slow this week, ok really slow but there are just weeks that are like that. I know that if we are persistent and obedient the lord will bless us because these are his children and he wants them to return to him. I have had several special moments this week where I know the savior was "carrying" me and he truly let me know that he loved me. I have really been thinking a lot about true conversion this week and what I promised to do when I was baptized. I found myself reading Mosiah 18: 8-9 over and over and really thinking about it. ( you should look it up and think about it a lot too) I am desirous to be called one of Gods people and i had to ask myself if throughout my life if i truly have been willing to mourn with those that mourn and help lift my my brothers and sisters burdens. I have been praying for so much more compassion in my life. The savior has so much compassion for all of us. i just want to be so much more like him. I truly want to love like I have never loved before and to trust him like I never have before. I find that so many times in my life I have been too darn stubborn. I just wish I could express to all of you what he means to me. He has allowed me to see things the past couple months of my life that have forever changed me. He walks with me all day everyday showing me where to go and what to say, even when I let fear overcome me he still guides me and always offers me a second chance. He is always beckoning for me and everyone else to come unto to him. We are en graven upon his hands and his feet. Is he engraven upon our hearts? Please slow down for a minute and truly think about him and allow him to show you where he needs you to be and who he needs you to become. There are so many times while i am out here that I think of my future kids... haha i know i know=) but really, I'm so thankful that I am here and that my Father in Heaven is allowing me change to become the woman he wants me to be for my children. I already love them so much and want to be the best i can for them and I want them to be able to return to our father in heaven. That is what our loving eternal Father wants for all of us. Thats why I am here, to help bring his children home to him by inviting them. Thats our job! we have the responsibility to invite, all of us. however it is their choice to come or not. We cannot allow our agency to stand in the way of someone else s. We must invite. well thats my spheeel for the week=)

People in Cali have super sweet shoes! mostly the guys, but still they are all classy shoes and i love them. i need nephew I can buy sweet shoes for.. hint hint =) Oh the post office here is so great! it is a super old train station or something and I love it because of the way everyone's shoes sound when they walk in there. I have found someone with perfect hands! Her name is sister L_______ and i have some serious hand envy. (kylee they are comparable to the girls in charly.) Sister F_______=) words can not even describe how much I love this lady! She is so funny, she is one of those members who tries and makes us break the rules because she wants to have fun with us so we always have to tell her no but she just loves us so much!! she has already delivered us each two Christmas presents. The other night she opened up to us about her life. She lost both of her parents unexpectedly within 3 months of each other when she was 19 and then her sister a year later. She said she has been bitter and angry for a long time. Then she told us how we have changed her life, she said she feels love for us like she hasn’t felt in years. I feel like we haven't done anything for her! It just shows me how the lord will always help those who need him and will never give up on them. She also is making us a key to her beach house in  new port so when we get home from our missions we can go any time we want. Sister F_______ is the best =) 

I thought i found a dead person this week.... i was so scared! It was pouring rain one day and we were walking in this back ally to get to a house and then lying there in the middle of the road was a man and he wasn't moving. he was soaking wet. We didn’t know what to do so I started to yell at him from afar. He didn’t move... and he didn’t look like he was breathing. I just kept yelling at him. I was about to pick up a little pebble a throw it at his feet. Then we heard him start snoring. i think he was a little bit wasted, but at least he wasn’t dead! Terry didn't come to church this week. i was super sad but i will keep praying and I hope she comes next week. Mom that sounds so funny about the tree!! you are right I would have loved that!!! I would have been laughing way hard! I vote we make that a tradish=) That is so crazy about the bed bugs! Tell Ben, Mckayla and bug hi and that I glad they get to be back home! It is so weird to me that there is snow there!
Well family and friends. I just want you all to know that I love you and I love the lord! I love this work! thanks for all your support!
                                                                                                                              sista Webb

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