Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dear Family and friends!!!

I was so glad to get all of your e mails today!! Wow, what a week!! I feel like it has been years! My first week in the MTC has been soo klajsdit..great=) that is the only way i can think to say it! Ok we will start with my comp! my com is sister Anderson! I seriously love her so much even though we are different in every way possible. She has taught me so much in the short week we have been together and I so thankful for her. My District is my family!! they are so great. its so funny how close we have all become after only knowing each other after one week. There is 1 Elder who has only been a member for one year. He worked with missionaries for 6 years before he would be baptized! I love when he opens up about his story! it is such a privilege to be in his presence and hear his story. My zone!!!!!!!!! ahhhh i love my zone more than anything. Sister Douglas , She is a sister in my zone who is my long lost twin! we are so close! we think the same things are funny and we really connected! i am sad she left for Canada yesterday but will be friends for a long time=) The first day was filled with a lot of different emotions haha but i have a couple funny stories about our first night. The poor sisters in my district that have to put up with me. So we were all exhausted and we were back in our room getting ready for bed, well a couple of the sisters wanted to go upstairs to the vending machine real fast so i guess they told me to grab the room key... I think i was just really zoned out or something because I didn't hear them... night one in the MTC i lock all of us out of our room... so these poor sisters who are so sleepy have to help me find the place we have  to go to get an extra key, go back to our room, unlock the door, take the key back, and then we could fall asleep there. Well the story doesn't end there.. I couldn't figure out how to set my alarm clock so i juts guessed. We all went to bed and it felt like we had only been asleep for 30 minutes when the alarm clock went off. We all start climbing out of bed to start our day when i realized that i had set my alarm wrong and we really only had been asleep for 30 minutes. That was everyone first taste of sister webb=) I felt soooo bad! Family! the gospel is so amazing! my testimony has grown so so so mcuh in such a short time! I cant believe how much I have learned! I do have to say teaching something I am so passionate about is a lot harder than I thought. It is so hard to simplify everything so that people can investigate. We have taught four different "investigators" because our teacher has been gone. usually your teacher just plays an investigator and you progressively teach them throughout the time  you are here. Well each one has been so different. One investigator we had to teach a couple times was really rough.. I tried not to let it discourage me but it was hard. However, with a couple I have had some amazing experiences where i felt the spirit so strong!! We also taught our first TRC investigator yesterday. TRC investigators are people who come to the MTC and they volunteer to be taught. they can be a member, a non active member, or not a member at all we never know. well they have these rooms set up to look like apartments and you go teach them. I loved this so much because it felt so much realer than role playing!  We taught a lady named I_______. She is very very catholic and loves her some Jesus. I love her!! she is so great! haha she also loves to talk and i mean a lot! me and my comp had a hard time fitting a word in and most of the lesson she was telling us about the atonement and how it can help us. Well i noticed that we only had like five minutes left and so far we all agreed on everything and she had no reason she would want us to come back, we were supposed to teach her about the restoration but it is so crazy how the spirit just literally speaks for you. when she took a second to breath I hurried and grabbed a book of Mormon and bore my testimony about it and how it would bring her so much closer to her savior than she already was and if we could come back tomorrow to teach her about what it was and how it came to be. she had tears in her eyes and said she would love that. The thing is none of it was me! it was all the spirit! it was what the savior wanted her to learn. haha hopefully me and my comp can take charge of the situation next time and teach her what we are supposed to. Days here feel like weeks, i dont think i have ever been more mentally/spirituality exhausted in my life nd its great.I love class! i find myself hating free time and maybe that is because i actually have time to think about all you guys during those times. The temple walk on Sunday was great!!=) So I was called to be a sister training leader "girl zone leader" So sunday was great! i was able to attend a lot of meetings that taught me so much. I have to say that this has been a very humbling time for me. I feel like I am pleading with heavenly father all day to help me, and he does=) I know i am nothing without him and without my savior none of this is possible. I'm sorry that i forgot to give you all my MTC info! I didnt even think about it. However, it did help me have a great experience. The first few days here were really hard im not going to lie and i felt a little alone. I wasn't getting any letters.(dont feel bad my fault=)) I felt alone. I was so tempted to check my e mail al couple times just for some reasurment. however, it is more important to me to be obediant than to satisfy a temporary need.So one night i just went in corner and cried my heart out to heavenly father, and family I was not alone. I was wrapped up in his loving arms and he heard me and loved me. I hope you can all tell I LOVE THIS WORK and im so happy to be part of it! haha i totally destroyed and elders confidence, I was sitting at dinner and I asked an elder where he was going. He started to talk to me and it souned like Japanese... I said," Im sorry I dont understand that language". Well it turns out that he was from somewhere back east and he was leaving to his mission in salt lake city next week...he was speaking to me in English, yea, I felt bad! Today we went to the temple. i loved it so much. i have always kinda been secretly prejudiced against it because it looked like a wedding cake but it is so beautiful on the inside. In the celestial room I read John chapter 15. It was exactly what I needed to hear. I love that chapter so much. after the temple i was leaving and i heard my name, It was the girl who Weav is dating! she was dropping off her little bro today. It made me so happy to see her. I love seeing all the new missionaries come...they have no idea what they are in for =) Just like i have no idea what i am in for. I fly out Monday morning and i can  call you at the airport so i will call before 8 30 in the morning only problem is i only know cliars number=) Well fam i Have to go. I love it here and i can feel your prayers helping me everyday. I don't know what i would do without them. I love you guys! tell brookie boo to write her big sis=)
                            love this work=)
                                           sister webb
p.s. i just got your package! thank you so much and the only reason i am ok with you sending me junk food is because i have lost so much weight here! haha love you so so much!!!!
p.s.s. fill me in on your lives! i feel like there is no real world outside of her!