Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Hey family and friends!! 
Wow where did the week go? I feel like I was just barley writing an e-mail.
This week was GREAT!  Me and sister straatman set some pretty high goals. We knew that if we exercised great faith and mighty prayer mixed with exact obedience all things were possible through our savior. Family, we reached our goals by Wednesday. We worked so hard and the lord blessed us. It was only the lord. It wasn't me or Sister Straatman! California is ready! the lord is hastening his work and i am so blessed to be a part of it! Faith is a concept I have come to learn a lot about on my mission. I never thought about how faith is the only reason our Fathers plan could even work. We had perfect faith in our savior in the pre earth life that he would come here and choose to atone for our sins. That is the only way the plan has worked!! It’s all faith!

Saturday was my one-month mark and on Saturday we had the best experience ever! It was a mission conference! Every missionary in the mission gathered together. It was so powerful and uplifting to be surrounded by so many other missionaries. We had a member of the 70 talk to us all about faith=) Then president VanCott threw it down=) He has received revelation for our mission. Our mission is going to have 2 baptisms per companionship every month. That is what is possible for us in this mission at this time. He said it is going to take a lot work but that it is going to happen through our faith. All I have to say is I need to get to work!! He is an amazing man and he and lord expect us to do this work!!

Any way=) I had some funny things happen this week! One day we were in a park and then we met "Billy Rae Cyrus"=) He was a homeless man who came up and started talking to us and told us that was his name. Then he started to sing to what and us a marvelous song it was=) He had a spitting problem and I was just getting showered throughout the whole song. I tried to back up but there was no escape. I also thought it was hilarious and i dint want to offend him by laughing so I was looking around everywhere biting my lip to keep back the laughter that was building inside.... I am ashamed to say I couldn't hold it in. I then had to come up with a quick reason I was laughing. An investigator I was teaching also sang to me and I think I am just bad at taking people seriously when they are singing to me because I again had the urge to burst out in laughter. I had to do some serious repenting. Ha-ha one day we were walking and started to talk to this lady and she said she was looking for a church with activities for youth. So we told her all about ours and told her we would get some more information and then get back to her. Well we did and we went back and knocked on her door. (People in Cali always have thick metal screen doors that have tons of little holes but that you cant see into ) She yelled who is it? And we told her it was the sister missionaries with more info for her... she came back and said. " No one is here" =) ha ha my comp was all " ok thanks" and we just walked away. There were a lot of clever things we could have said. One of the things that President has asked us to do is to get into the hearts of our members. So Sister Straatman and me have been leaving little cards on their doors. Well one night we were going up to the door and she said they are going to see you. Out of instinct i just dropped. Well I dropped in dirt and I had to army crawl in and skirt to deliver my note... I'm not sure it was worth it but it made it fun=) we were studying in a park yesterday and it just hit me. Here i am in a park in California where bagpipes are being played in one corner and there was a big hookah smoking gathering in the other section of that park. Missions are great, funny, SPIRITUAL, and awkward =) I wouldn't have it any other way. One day we were walking and we saw this little old lady picking up fruit in a yard. So we asked if we could help her and she said yes... well a little while later we found out we were helping her steal fruit from someone else’s yard who didn’t want to share their fruit. We unknowingly helped her steal fruit and she wouldn’t hear anything about the gospel!

Ok guys =) I have a challenge for you! So I have been thinking about Christmas and what I can do to feel connected to the family. So we are going to be missionaries together!! I am challenging you to pray as a family and individually about who you can share the gospel with. I am going to take it as far as to invite these people to your home for a family home evening or something and have faith that you will find someone you can invite to take the missionary discussions! Yup =) this will be the first thing I will want to talk about when we Skype on Christmas. President says he doesn’t care who is there when we Skype so if any of my friends or other family wants to be there when we Skype then they have to have a missionary experience to share. I can promise if you do this this will be the most special Christmas you have ever had. 

The members here are so great! i love them so much! Mom sister Feldmen has taken such great care of me! She just loves us. However, she is trying to set things up with her son back in Provo. Ha ha i had to explain that my thoughts are only focused on the mission right now=) 

I love the scriptures so much!!! I love to study and learn from them! Mom and Dad you guys should for sure get a preach my gospel=) I Just want you all to know how much I love you and how much you mean to me. I know I am supposed to be here. I know this church is true! It makes me so happy! I love being a missionary! I have so much to improve on and be better. I want to become worthy enough to be spit upon. I love my savior more than anything. I miss you all so much and you are always in my prayers. I am so glad to hear about elder green and sister Beus I was so worried and they were in my prayers. I Love you guys so much!!

Sister Webb =)

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