Thursday, February 13, 2014

temple week =)‏

Hello Family and friends =)
It's been forever!! jk but really. haha I knew mom would be freaking out when I didnt email on Monday and I wasn't surprised that you called the mission office=) (NOTE: Thanks Kenz for letting everyone know!) I am so glad to hear that everyone is doing so great! That is awsome that ben got accepted!! I just hope we hear the same news about Arizona=) I find it really funny that both dad and Clair included details about their trucks in their e mails.. men=) It souinds like life is so crazy! You people need to slow down its Valentines month love is in the air take a second and enjoy it =) Thank you so much mom and kylee for the package=) I will never need another wonder tee again in my life. it made me laugh=) and brookie boo the pics were so great!1=)
Wow soo much has happened since I last e mailed. actually not really. The work here is so slow. I'm not sure what to do about it. actualy I do but its been really hard but thats the way it is supposed to be. =) ON the bright side we have gotten 3 golden investigators for missionaries in other areas!! They are all so awesome.=) Poor sister Munoz I think I have about killed her with all the walking but she is a trooper and is so great! Its really hard to come into an area that has had very disobeidant missionaries but I know that hard work and love will change things. I have never been so prayful in my entire life. There have been a lot of potentails and formers in our area book that havent been contacted for years so we are hunting them down. I set up a meeting with all of the missionaries in the area and the bishop for tomorrow so that we can work with him to help the area. We need it despratly. We need the members !!! =) I know that the only way this area is going to have sucsess is through mighty prayer, mighty faith, and perfect obedience. It is only then that we can qualify for blessings. we can do absolutly nothing for this area but the lord can. It is only through the savior He is everything!
I have absolulty never met so many cats before in my life. I have to say that these arent just regular cats either, they are soooo fat! they make Garfeild look like nothing. Everytime I see our Stake Presidents cat I just laugh really hard. Speaking of our Stake President, He knows Shae. He has a House in France and tehy go like 4 times a year. They fed us a frech meal the other night and it was great!! I have also come to HATE little dogs. everytime we knock a door the first thing you hear is that high pitched barking and then they crawl all over you and lick your face off. I love the people here in yucipa though. Yucipa is the kind of plcae where people ride elctric scooters everywhere and have their dogs running behind to give them exercise. Funny story. We started talking to this lady in her yard the other day and she said sshe was was having a hard time with her family. She wasn't interested in hearing our message but said we could pray with her. Well we were praying and then the sprinklers turned on! we all scattered and in the processes i may or may not have ripped my skirt. I have also never been hit on my so many older men in my entire life! some times it gets really weird but for the most part its just winks and funny remarks. This week we did have someone at church though!! However, it was fast ans testimony meeting.. haha one man started talking about the temple in a little more detail than he should have. HaHa I love sundays=)
We have been doing a lot of less active work this week. I met my favorite lady in the world. She is a less active who is tatted up from head to toe and peirced everywhere, she has the mouth of a sailor. Howver, she has such a strong testimony of the gospel. I love how Heavelnly Father loves all his children so much and is not a respector of persons! I have been praying my guts out to be filled with more charity and I think I learned more about charity from her than anyone=)
Saturday was E______'s Baptisem!! It was so great! I had mixed feelings because I didnt want to go back to Redlands and see everyone again. However, Right when Sister Feldmen pulled up to pick me up that all changed=) she is so great she bought me 3 of my favorite scones and made me laugh the whole way back to Redlands. When I got to E_____s Baptism I wasnt even out of the car when Sister Straatman attacked me. It was weird becasue she was crying and she isnt a cryer. HaHa but it was so great to see her again! Then the best part was seeing E____ and K____. They looked so beautiful in all white! She was so happy. I have was so happy for her it was teh best thing ever!!!!!! and the ward! It was so great to see the ward. haha They all acted like I had died or something I love them so much. It was a little hard to come back to Yucaipa, but I have already started to love the people here so much too! I was able to show Sister Feldman Some pictures of my family and friends and she fell in love with weav=) haha it was pretty funny.
I love the P______s we live with. They are so cute. So sister P_____r is a health nut and i love her. She has helped me so much . haha she makes me all this healthy food to last me the week. I love them they are so full of of charity. Their little girl always leaves notes for us.
I love being a missionary I really do. Yes, there are hard times! I dont think i ever realized how hard a mission would be, but its so amazing at the same time. I am dedicated to the work and we will see miricles here in Yuciapa. Ihave learned so much about our savior and how he helps us grow. I am nothing without him. He will test our faith but then he gives us miricels. People always say he wont give us more than we can handle. Of course he gives us more than we can handle. That is why he gave us teh savior to help us through and to reley on. I have had to repent so much this week and I am so thankful that he is ALWAYS there with open arms. I love Elder Hollands qoute. " A Journey of a Thousand miles begins with one step... watch your step." I know that Heavely Father has a plan for me here in this area. I am relying fully on him and I am so thankful for him. 
I love sister Munoz, I am learning a lot from her and look forward to continuing to learn from her.
My goal for this week is to get into a less active members house that has a dang huge fence around it and it is missionary proof. Just wait I will get in I am determiend. We went to the temple today!! it was so great!! It felt like......home=)
well I love and miss you all !
sister webb

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