Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy V day‏

Hello everyone!
Sorry I sent the other one early again! It was good to hear from everyone. Im glad that Clair is taking a break! I hope that dad and chris are doing great!  and I am stoked ben got accepted to med school in Arizona! I have to say that is my vote but wherever you decide i will support ya... i guess=)
This week Heavenly Father showed me that this really is his work. We got a new investiagator!=) There have been a couple of frustration prayers that I had to repent of this week=) I am so blessed to be a missionary! I love it! it is so great!
Apparently there is huge cat flu epidemic that has broken our here in Yucaipa.. and it is really putting a damper on the spirits of the people we talk to. I have never said so many prayers for so many dang cats in my entire life!!! So I dont know if you know this, but Yucaipa is known for having a lot of trailor parks there really isnt a lot of room in some of them. I had such a great moment We were in a ladies tralior who is pretty poor and we were teaching her. As i sat there on the milk crate ( there was only two chairs, 1 for her and 1 for my comp) I was so happy! I get to go places with the savior everyday that I would never get to other wise. Yesterday was a busy day at church! we taught Sunday school, primary, and some of Young Womans.
This week I really thought about how humble our Heavenly Father is. "By covenant the great God of heaven permits himself to be bound to each of us individually" Edler D. Todd Christofferson. I need to become so much more humble. He wants to bless us and he will bless us if we are obediant to him. He gave us his word. I just want to be such a better disciple of Jesus Christ. We have something so special! we need to be the light. When I finish my mission I really want to be able to say I left it all out in the feild. I have never ever been so mentaly exhuasted in my life as the past few weeks but I am so thankful that my Heavenly Father is there to streagthen me every step of the way =)
This week is Valentines=) I will be treating myself to a smores cup cake on friday=) i hope you all do something as rewarding as that! I remember the days when I would specificaly choose the "be mine" Valentine to put into Dalton Dances valentine box .. and how heart broken I was when he gave Cheyenne Erickson the be mine valentine=) Now I am just worried about what to do for my investigators to help them feel the love of Heavenly Father=) Dad, Clair,And Ben be nice to your amazing wives=) And dont buy them and heater.....=)
 I Love you all so much!!
sister webb!
p.s. mom she is from Evanston=)

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