Sunday, April 20, 2014

The lords work!‏

Hey Family and Friends,
What a week! I loved all the pics of camping=) I hope that you guys are haveing so much fun! I always loved the simpson springs trip =) I feel bad for kylee brooke. I hope she gets feeling better soon, and ben =) you are the best brother in the whole in world!! I am so excited . You guys are my fav=) I'm sorry i  ever slammed your head in the mini van when we were little=) I didtn feel the earthquake! geez are there like a million happening latley?
So this week. Was Interesting but amazing! Monday night it was great We went and taugh C___ He is a 91 year old man who was just baptized. He was soo funny=) We taught his with his 88 year old sister. When we opned the door he was trying to read our name tags to say our names and he called Sister McConkie "Sister Christ" and he really thought that was her name. =) He is from New York so he as an awesome accent. The whole night was filled with me and Sister McConkie Yelling to be heard and trying not laugh. They got side tracked very easily and would forget what they were going to say a lot. It was bad during the closing prayer sister McConkie just lost it and started laughing and the whole situation and we have this problem where when one of us starts laughing the other one does way hard and we cant stop. I have to pretened I was coughing. Luckily they are so elderly they had no idea what was gong on. =)
Then the rest of the week happend... EVERYTHING cancelled. every appointment fell through even member ones. all back ups fell through and we were wondering if something happend in the church with the media becasue the persecution was worse this week. We were exhausted both physically and mentaly. We were also being super hard on ourselves and critical of everything we were doing. However, it was such a blessing that it was a hard week. We studies more fervently. Our Companinonship studies increaced so much. We started studing more together at lunch and were always talking about the blessings of the lord. We worked harder and we tried more. and let me tell you we were happier than ever. We felt true joy despite the things that were going on around us. Our testimonies deepend so much. we served each other more. Then came Saturday. That morning we had the most spirtual comp study I have ever had and we felt that God loved us so much. Then we went to work. To start the day off right. We went to D___ and S___s. we hadn't been able to get ahold of them since they didnt show up to church on Sunday. Well they were home and saw us knock and ring the door bell and didnt answer. So we texted them and told them we would always be here for them and that we knew this would bless their family and all that jazz. Well they text us back jokeinly and said its ok sistas we know Jesus loves us. It was rough and it broke our hearts. However, we determined we werent going to let it get us down. So we said and fervent prayer and kept working. We had a lot of interesting conversations that day. We talkled to a lot of people and and a lot of rejection. There were also so very mean people that day who we allowed to frustrate us. people who wanted to bash. and started saying very bad things about sacred temple ordinances and other stuff. By the time it was time for the General Women Broadcast we were emtionaly beat. We rode to the Womens broadcast with Sister Palmer. That was much needed she always makes us feel better! The Broadcast was so great! It wsa so weird to see Salt lake sometimes I feel like my past life and Utah never really exisited. Well during the broadcast we got a text from a member in our ward that we needed to get to his house as fast as possibel he had someone for us to teach. So at 8:45 We went and taught D____. D_____ has been reading the Book of Mormon and before we even taught he asked when he could get baptized. We were both in shock!! So we taught him and booked it home to be home on time. He came to church yesterday and is on date for baptizem for April 20th. The lord answeres in the 4th watch. Its when you show him that you will work on and keep trusting him even when you dont think you can. Its when you are ready to quit that he answers. He gave us sucsess but it wasnt anything we did!!!!! It was all him. We just had to show him he could bless us. It was amazing! We have been sooo happy and filled with joy this week. That night we did a lot of repenting for our frustration and we were so happy.
Oh yea On exchanges I had to go with a spanish sister in her area this week. I am now a fluent Spanish speaker=) I wish I did learn a little though and I could kinda understand what was going on. It was like I entered a whole differnt world. I love the spanish culture! The people we talked to on the streets actually invited us in and were so so nice even if they didnt want to hear our message! They are so humble and kind . I loved it. However, in order to keep my mind from wondering in lessons because I was so lost had to recite the same scriptures over and over in my head. I even ate amazing mexican food that night!
Speaking of food. We are eating with N___ Family this week. They are from africa and they said they are feeding us a very exotic meal and then they just laugh. This should be interesting=)
Sister McConkie and I are better than ever! She is my best frined. We are so much alike it's crazy! My stomach hurts every day from laughing so hard. We are terrifed though. So President Miskin who is in our mission Presidency, is in our ward and yesterday he told us that He has been begging President to keep us togther and in this ward for a little bit and President said thats not gonna happen he needs us other places. We are so scared! Transfers are next week. How did that happen??I am so thankful for her and all the fun we have.
This week I have though a lot about grattitude. or However, the heck you spell it. I swear I am just getting dumber and dumber on my mission. Well anyways I read a talk on it and it said, "to have gratitude always in your hearts is to touch heaven." That hit me so much. I have really been working on having more thankful prayers. It has changed my whole perspective. I am so thankful for all of you ! thanks for being in my life an dthe wasy you have incluenced me! I'm excitedfor another week of work!!
stay cool,
Sister Webb

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