Sunday, April 20, 2014

Im happy =)

Hey family and friends!!
It was another great week!!! Im so glad to hear from everyone and thanks agian for all the Birthday wishes.
Man where did this week go? We have been so blessed in this area and there is a lot to do . Some days it is overwhelming because We dont know where to start.
Yes mom my Birthday was great jsut worked and it was awsome=) The best thing about it was D___ and S____. We were teaching them that day and they showed up with ballones and a cheese cake. I have never loved people so much. Little background story he is an x um i guess you could say gangsta and he is just so funny. They are my favorite couple in the world and their little kids are amazing! They have been doing so great and they said they would come to church but then they never showed and we cant get ahold of them... please pray for them.
So thursday was so interesting. We started teaching a straight up mountin man. We had to drive up to Oak Glen which is in the mountains of our area.We were going up to the Rileyes( who are members) and  We were going to teach T_ B____ their friend. Well they told us that they lived on a farm called the Riley Farm. I just pictured a regular farm but I was so wrong. When we drove up to their house we were so confused. All of the sudden we were surrouned by big plantaion houses and tons and tons of peple dressed up in colonial times clothes. There were civil war reenacments or however the heak you spell it. they had like old school cold mineing just all kinds of stuff! Mom and Clair would have loved it. we were soooo confused here were two mormon missionaries trying to hunt down our members. We asked some colinal young men where were were and they kindly "escorted" us to the Rileyes main house. They even talked like old times it was crazy. Well the story doesnt end there. When we got there Sister Riley told us that we had to drive up to T__s. We went off roading in this little truck way up into the mountains behind their house to teach T__ and Brother Riley was meeting us there. We finally got to T__s and he is a real Mountain man!! He lives outside and cooks in a camp fire. It was so interesting! He is an awsome guy and Im so excited to teach him he really wants to know if the church is true. He has the longest beard ever. Well half way through the lesson Brother Riley had to leave. So when we were finished we went around t he corner and Brother Riley had taken the truck and all we had to get down the mountain was a 4-wheeler and we had no cell service so sister Riley hauled us down the mountain on the four wheeler. I was freaking out the whole way down!! I just knew I was going to get in a ton of trouble and that i was being the most disobedient missionary ever and half way loving being on 4 wheeler again. Dont worry I already confessed to president.=) It was just a real interesting day.
We also were inveted to a 14 year old boys B day paty. Well Non of their family and friends are LDS and our ward has been working with this family for a while. Well there were a ton of people there and litlte boys and lots of beers and yea. Well they wanted us to do a spirtual thought for their family befoer we left so we were just going to go with the family in teh living room but then EVERYONE came and we had to stand up nad alll these 14 year old boys were so confused. It was jsut the most akward situation I have ever been in. I got so nervous I started to stutter when I was talking. It was rough haha Sister McConkie and I jsut laughed all week about how that is the most akward thing we have ever done. gotta love it =)
Another thing that happned this week is that When we were buying Laundry Dertergent last week I forced us to buy the cheap stuff. Well all our clothes now smell like Flin stone vittamins this week. It smells horrible, never get the cheapest laundry detergent.
This week I have been called to repentance a ton. I am so aware of how inadequate I am. repentance is awesome!!!! please use it . It is vital to our return home to our Heavenly Father. My testimony of Joseph smith has grown so much deeper. I am so blessed that I get to be on a mission. and I cant wait for conference.!
I love love love sister McConkie. When all my friends were joking about me going on a mish to find brides maids they werent kidding. She is the best we just laugh all the time and I love how we can make fun of ourselves.she is awesome!
Well I love you famil!!
Sister Kenzie lynn WEbb

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