Sunday, April 20, 2014

22oooohohh "taylor swift"=)‏

Hey Fam and friends!
Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes=) I will officaly be and old maid waahooo=) No mom and grams I didnt feel the earth quake this morning. I sleep through anything=) and Yes mom I know the Ellsworth Family!! I love them so much!! They were one of my favs=) I am so glad that everyone is doing so great! mom those stories about aniston made me laugh so hard. I am so glad everyone is having a good week.
Ok so my week was Amazing! We had a couple really low momentes but when you show the lord that you wont give up and you will walk with faith and keep working he blesses you!! So we know a little bit more about what is happening in our area this week.
So tuesday was just a blur. we walked a ton talked to a lot of people had a couple really akward experiences and yea.
So sister McConkie and I have been trying to be exactly obedient and to fully give ourselves and our hearts to the lord and have so much more faith! Well on wednesday in our prayer we told heavelnly father where we were going what time and asked to find someone. WEell we found 2 of the mmost amazing people I have ever met. D____ and S____ =) We taught them twice this week. I have never instantly loved people so much! they are married and have two kids. Please please pray for them. and through them we also met rob and are teaching him. It was such a great day.
On Thursday we had a super bold lesson with the coopers who have been investigating for years. It was awesome though. We jsut straight up told them it was time to ask god and they couldnt tell god what they were going to do he would tell them. It all started with an awesome "how to begin teaching" It really is so important. There were a lot of long silences in the lesson. Howver, they said they had never thought about some of the things they talked about and they came to church on sunday. Please Pray for them.
Friday I went on my first Exchange with my new assignment. It was interesting. Haha I felt a little like a therapist but it was awsome=)
Saturday was so great!!! Elder Neil A Anderson had a mission conference with us=) I got to shake his hand and he peered into my soul. I never knew he was so funny. The whole talk was on teh atonment. I cant explain it. I feel like If i were to explain the atonmnet I would describe it the way I always have. Howver, I feel like my spirt understands it so much differntly than ever before. When we closed with his testimony he flat out said he is a witness of Jesus Christ. It was so powerful. I will never forget it!
I have really been trying to focus on seeing people through eternal eyes. Its funny how someithing so simple has changes my whole mission. there is so much more to people.
I LOVE Sister McConkie. We have so much fun together. I feel like I am always laughing. We were laughing so hard this week that i bout threw up right before a lesson becasue something really funny happend. Its funny becasue Her first day here I made her throw up that morning when we went running and i felt like the worst trainer ever!!! we just have fun!!
Well just know that I am happy and that I know that this is the lords work!!please pray for them! I miss you all so much!!!
happy st p day!
love ya!
sister webb

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