Monday, January 6, 2014

happy new year!!‏

Hey family and friends!!!

OK so business talk first. 1) don't send any mail to my physical address. For all of you who did something went wrong and i didn't get any of it! sorry! number 2) This is the last e mail I am going to be forwarding to everyone. I my e mail list is getting too long so Im just going to email one to mom and dad and then you can put it on my blog for everyone else who wants to read it or you can forward it for me.............
Sorry I accidentally pushed send!

Anyways.... How was everyone Christmas!!!?? It was so great to see all of you!!! I loved it!! I'm so glad you all had a great day and that my letters finally got there=) Also I am so so so excited for Ben and Mckayla!!!! I expect you to do some good old classic conditioning with this baby. Whenever you say my name or have a picture of me around it you better feed it something awesome so that it loves me! notice I say it... I am excited to see what it will be=) I am also so excited/sad that Nicole and Jaron are moving to Germany for 4 years. Ok the only reason im happy is because we are going to come see you. =)

Christmas here was great. As much as I loved to see all of you I have to say that my favorite part of Christmas was going to see B_______, B_______ is an older lady in our ward who is Less Active, She was completely alone on Christmas and had no one. So we went and listened to her tell us storeis from her childhood and we sang Christmas songs with her. Before we left she just told us how much she loved us and how we truly made her christmas. It was so special to me. We also went and took cards to the people we are teaching and tried to talk to a few people but finding wasn't very successful. I was so blessed to spend Christmas teaching people. I willl never forget this Christmas. =)

I have developed a theory out here on my mission about people and cats...You can have 2 cats per house that's the limit and on special occasions you can extend that to 3. However, once you start going over that you may have a problem... im just saying =) This week I met a lady who has at least 20 glamour shots of her cats up on her walls.... she had 4 cats. People lets keep it safe and have no more thatn 2.....=) thats all I have to say about that.

This week we were able to get to know the A______ in our ward. They are an awesome younger couple who have two little boys under the age of 2. they all slept in a tent in their backyard on Christmas=)  Well they both severed missions. She served in New York and he served in Paris France. They are so great! they hold weekly planning together every week. She was telling us how every single day she sees a blessing for her family and her marriage because she served a mission. It was just so nice to talk to her.

The work this week has been slow still. However, we were finally able to meet with T___ again!! She is so amazing. I am really trying to learn to teach with simplicity. We are teaching a lady named B_____ and I cant get her out of my head/heart. I dream about her I study for her. She knows this is true. I know it and she knows it somethings is just holding her back. I cant wait for the holidays to be over so people will be home again =)

Sorry this lesson is going to be super short. Elder Richards of the seventy called our mission together this yesterday for a surprise mission conference this morning and it was amazing.!! I cant even tell you how much I learned and how excited I am about the work. Ben accused me of being too preachy in my e mails so I will just end with this. This time of year we always get the cute christmas cards  with newsletters about what happened that year. Well I want you to think about the Newsletter you would write to your Heavenly Father and what things you would be happy to tell him about 2013 and what you wish you could tell him and then make sure you can tell him that in 2014. I love all of you so much and I love the people here so much, yes even those with more than 3 cats.... There are days that are so hard but I love it and it is making me a better person 1 peter 4:12-13. love you all sorry i had no time this week =)

love ya,
sister webb

p.s. Tavan is getting married!!!!???? congrats tata

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